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Art Auction–Making Original Art Affordable "Mar and Campo" By Artist Peter Stanway

Mar y Campo - 1 for internet

‘Mar and Campo 1′. This is an interpretation of the view from our balcony from Mijas Pueblo where my studio is overlooking the countryside towards the sea. I have tried to simplify the colours and composition to its essential elements while retaining a sense of perspective and depth.

Mar y Campo - 2 for internet

‘Mar y Campo 2’. This is another interpretation of the view from the same vantage point as ‘Mar y Campo 1’.

These paintings, that include elements of collage, are part of an ongoing series of images exploring the Southern Spanish countryside. Peter is hoping to capture the colours and textures as well as the joy and movement, in fact, the very essence of what is Southern Spain.

Art Auction – Making Original Art Affordable

As I have been pondering on my idea to auction my original artwork, I have been thinking that this is truly an inspired idea.
Please let me explain why; historically, buying original art was a privilege reserved for a select few. People with disposable income who mainly saw art as an investment and who sometimes never even allowed anyone else see what they had purchased!
By selling my art by auction, the price of which can be paid by installments, original art is now affordable and accessible to the ‘common man’. You can hang the art you love in your home for all your friends and family to enjoy with you…..
I would like to make all my art available to the highest bidder even although I am starting with the two paintings I have selected ( Therefore, have a look around my art website and if you see something you like, please, make me an offer.

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