• 30/06/2010 – Tamara Gutiérrez, Old Swiss House Restaurant
    First of all felicidades! I have seen your site “Marbella Marbella”, *really nice* performance! Such things we need on the Costa del Sol.
  • 04/05/2010 – Frederik Gustafsson, General Manager Elite Hotel Savoy & Elite Hotel Residence.  Hi Dario, Checked the song on You tube,.. marbella marbella, fantastic song and a beautiful singer. I Found another commercial for Marbella that used your song, well done!! All the best from a bonny Sweden!
  • 03/05/2010 – Laura Stanbridge “Dario Poli and his loyal campaigners have promoted our city around the world through the international language of music. You can not help but smile when listening to the positive energy and message conveyed in the tune. It captures the upbeat nature of our city!”
  • 17/03/2010 – Inge Rinkhoff “Many thanks for the beautiful link, directly to Yanela Brooks and the Marbella song. She gives a wonderful interpretation of your song, Dario.”
  • 17/03/2010 – Maurice Boland,Radio Talk Europe
    “The site looks excellent and thank you for supporting the ‘Prayer For Haiti’. Best wishes.”
  • 16/02/2010 – Nick Holland, Management & Promotion of Stephen Lloyd-Morgan
    “Championing the cause to revitalise and rebuild the reputation and honour of Marbella, Dario Poli, full of enthusiasm and determination; their campaign is already making enormous headway through the brilliantly designed, impressive and informative website marbellamarbella.es; and the fantastic and memorable signature tune ‘Marbella Marbella’ sung by Yanela Brooks and written by Dario. We look forward to a long association with their campaign.”
  • 07/02/2010 – Barbara Fernandez
    “I was very impressed to hear the song for the very first time at Incosol Hotel last night, sung by Yanela Brooks. It was simply sensational.”
  • 16/01/2010 – Vance Harvey, Defoe Property, UK
    “I have recently been looking at the website MarbellaMarbella.es and find it very interesting; I’m sure it will prove an excellent resource in promoting Marbella and attracting the right calibre of people to visit. I wish the site the very best of success in 2010.”
  • 22/11/2009 – Roberto Danova
    “Congratulations on your new site – as always, it is well done and your exposure is well deserved.”
  • 18/11/2009 – Carlo Mason (Blue Sky Super Car Hire)
    “Congratulations. Nice website”
  • 14/12/2008 – Eric Holzhauer (Radio Sun FM)
    “Let’s make your song the official song of Marbella!”
  • 14/12/2008 – Colette Hall (Coastline Radio Fm)
    “I think it’s one of those songs that holidaymakers will remember like Viva Espana. I look forward to the album.”