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“Between Here and There” An Installation by the Artist Ernst Kraft.

“Between here and there” an installation by the artist Ernst Kraft.
Exhibition room:  Sala Manual Barbadillo, Av.comandante benítez 7, Malaga. Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 17 – 20 h. (or by appointment: Call at opening hours 952 22 57 74) Opening 1st of August 20.00 h.

“Between here and there
Dutch artist Ernst Kraft, who has made large-scale in and outdoor installations in Europe and South America, some of them still visible by satellite photos of Google Earth, will present to the public a new construction, titled  “Between here and there” (or “Entre el aquí y el allá”, in its original Spanish title) in the Malaga contemporary art gallery Sala Manuel Barbadillo.

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“Accepted that there is a “here” … does not imply that there is a “there” … There are dreamers who dream so… they build towers, ladders, bridges and gateways … but who dares to climb? who dares to go down?..”
Jacob and the ladder, the tower of Babel, the Aymara “Gate of the sun” in Bolivia, or the voyage of Columbus, they are examples of this dream-desire to reach the other level, the other side.
In former installations, like the Stone maze in Passau, Germany and the Transparent maze, the crux was finding the road, the path…  In his new work Kraft reflects about the transcendence of spaces by dividing them. One gateway is enough to divide the world in two; it takes just one stairway to create a space above and below.

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The artist choose for his construction plexiglass, stating that a gate, even when showing what is behind, still divides and unites even equal looking spaces, just like a transparent and moving stairway creates different levels.
The installation will be open to the public throughout the month of August.

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Photo of the artist, Ernst Kraft, pictured by Charo Carrera
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