The imaginative art of Natalia Andrea Zapata Londoño presented at the Guey Restaurant


Much of the work that I’ve done are exhibited at the well known Guey Restaurant. The paintings Opera, Angel slept, world lightweight among others, have decided to leave me for a few days and have preferred to settle at Guey. Colourful, sensitivity, strength, sadness, each picture shows a fantasy mood and I try to be real and to be interpreted as part of the life of any of the people who go to see them.

Opera represents bodies that are desired and living with a harmony that only they know. The nature, the blood and the distance they share are accompanied by a feeling of freedom that is sometimes not compatible with life. This picture is my favourite and so if someone decides to take it, it feels as if part of me is gone away forever. Angel asleep is a picture that has become uneasy. Reflects concepts that can be covered by certain situations but when you realize that you understand that missing experiences were asleep but that were always there. Friendship capitalized, desire, sadness, melancholy, life, darkness, light, Angel will speak depending on how you react every day of your life. World lightweight certainly represents my relationship with the world.

Mundo Liviano

It would be nice to do a tour precisely about my innermost thoughts on everything around me, but I dare say that the complications of escape attempts, from all that is evil, the misinterpretation of things, the heaviness of moments that will never come back.

The rest of the paintings on display will be happy to present my ideas to people if they so wish. I do not want to influence the ideas and impressions that each visitor may have looking at them for the first time.

It is no coincidence that my paintings are displayed Guey. This ambiance emits enough magic to me so one can create the perfect symbiosis between art and personal well being. I hope that some of the happiness that we all feel when dining at Guey, is due in part to the company of my paintings. If this is achieved, part of my goals will be fulfilled.

Guey is a wonderful ambiance that offers a restaurant with delicious meals prepared by an outstanding and great chef and place where you can share with your friends and family enjoying a nice time at the restaurant, terrace and bar.

Natalia Andrea Zapata Londoño


Guey las orquideas,4 29660 Nueva Andalucia Marbella Spain.  tel.  952929250. 

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