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International Art Exhibition


Welcome everyone including Press, The Foundation of Malaga, Fuengirola City Counsellors of Equality & Immigration and Young Adults Department – Juventud, as well as our Artists, and Honourable Guests,
The International Black and White Association are honoured to have you here at this beautiful location, overseen by Valeriano, for our second, bigger, more prestigious, International Art Exposition with its theme, For Equality and Against Racism to highlight the need to bring awareness to these two very important issues.
For Equality – March 8th marks The United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, which celebrates women’s achievements throughout history and across the nations.
Few causes promoted by the United Nations have generated more intense and widespread support than the campaign to promote and protect the equal rights of women.
The Charter of the United Nations, signed in San Francisco in 1945, was the first international agreement to proclaim gender equality as a fundamental human right and has helped create a historic legacy of internationally agreed strategies, standards, programs and goals to advance the status of women worldwide.
And Against Racism – March 21st marks The United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, with this year´s title: “Racism and Conflict”.
2013`s theme highlights the very real and serious fact that racism and discrimination are often at the root of many devastating conflicts.
In many parts of the world, these prejudices are often used as powerful weapons to inflict fear and incite hatred, they are both common key elements used in many times of conflicts with devastating, unimaginable inhuman outcomes.
Therefore, it is vital that events like this are held, as it is important we remind our hearts and minds of these issues and most importantly consider their consequences if we ignore them in our own lives.
For to ignore these dark issues, only allows them time to fester and denies any benefit to ourselves, our loved ones, our community, our Nation, or our World as well as to the generations behind us, with us, and in front of us.
The International Black and White Association along with its sponsors: The Fuengirola City Department of Equality and Immigration, Juventud, Foundation of Malaga, and The British Consulate (Malaga), hope that you thoroughly enjoy this International Art Exposition, represented by superb Artists from Argentina, Panama, Bulgaria, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, United States of America, Ireland, and Malaga, Spain… and please tell your friends about the exhibition here until the 21st of March.
The message of this event is For Equality and Against Racism which is achieved with respect and appreciation for one another´s diversity and what these Artists and Association offer here today until the 21st of the month.
Thank you and Enjoy! 

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