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Vitalux- What converts locations desirable and properties unique!

Vitalux Ref 18398 B

Vitalux- What converts locations desirable and properties unique!

Vitalux« presents what was valuable in the past and what continues today and tomorrow!
Living is always a mirror of society. The new luxury living means: Real substance, not just decoration. Therein lies the big difference between distinguishes buildings with history, structures that have undergone high-quality renovations to meet buyers’ needs, prime locations on the waterfront or on one of the best golf courses, in contrast to enormous and simply constructed buildings in bad locations with no style but at the lowest prices. These are topics of impression – and they are replaced by topics of attitude. To live in a secluded new house on many square meters is no longer in demand. »Rather, customers want to be connected with the life, with its people or their favourite places«, in the words of Doris Kavcic, business owner of »Residencias Lujosas Vitalux, S.L.«.


Vitalux Ref 18398

Ref 18398: Gracious Mansion at Prime Address in the middle of a Golf paradise on substantially sized plot, € 2.350.000!

Text: Apparently it needs less aloofness and demarcation as ground contact. The Costa del Sol has to offer many new things, as well its closeness to nature and tradition. Anyone who can afford will enjoy living in exclusive communities, while people who want to invest a bit less will opt for a “smaller” variant, which does not always mean less luxury! Farewell to vast expanses of exclusive floor space as a sign of distinction? »Those are “no-go’s” that are being promoted and need to be replaced by something intelligent. The subject of technology often comes up in this regard: Smart materials, Internet, security systems; communication in particular will be a key feature of future living«, sums up Doris Kavcic. However, progress is not always advantageous; it often makes more sense to return to existing qualities, so sophisticated materials, such as natural stone with its solidity and durability, are playing an increasing role once again, even in new construction, and the traditional Andalucian style is more popular than ever.

Doris Kavcic 2015

Doris Kavcic 2015

“Vitalux business owner Doris Kavcic “

 Get inspired with »A fine selection by Vitalux«, because we are at the right time at the right place for you!

vitalux posicion R

“Residencias Lujosas VITALUX, S.L.”

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