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  World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 456 - Paula Ahola

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 456 – Paula Ahola
Paula Ahola is a young artist from Finland. She makes her art in addition to her profession as a veterinarian. She lives in Lapland and therefore not only deals with small animals, but also with large animals, including reindeer.

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Last fall she made a series of lithographs and a number of sculptures from clay featuring forest animals and reindeer. These works were shown in an exhibition at a gallery in Rovaniemi, a city in Lapland.

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Inspiration from everyday life
She gets inspiration for her art from her everyday life, she says. “It’s problems, controversies, and beauty. Being a vet, animals naturally play a significant role in my creations. I am an easily bored yet adventurous person, leading me to explore various artistic mediums. I believe the art field allows a lot of room for change and exploration, motivating my pursuit of an art career.”

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A kind of meditation
Her life is quite hectic and she feels the need to stop every now and then. “Doing arts grounds me. I enter a flow stage which feels really good. Drawing inspiration from my personal life feels the most meaningful and allows me to observe seemingly mundane things of everyday life. It’s kind of like meditation.”

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She experiences art as an sensory adventure that brings calm to her inner restlessness. Her works are at the intersection of abstract and representational art. “I enjoy the unexpected movements of lithographic ink when I’m manipulating it with different methods on the limestone. Meanwhile, clay offers nearly limitless possibilities as a material for free self-expression.”

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Perch in Torni
Perhaps not a key work, but an important work is the oil painting Perch in Torni. “It’s about the inner contradiction I’m feeling when I’m trying to pursue a life in a countryside while I’ve grown up near Helsinki and used to a very different kind of life. I’m a bit struggling to find my place on this planet. “

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How long is she an artist?
“I’ve been drawn to arts since childhood, practicing photography and drawing throughout my life. I’ve always found the art world to be quite intimidating so I thought I can just keep it as a hobby. Recognizing the importance of creativity for my mental health, I began taking art more seriously in recent years. I noticed my mental health being better and I got kind of hooked.”

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In 2022 she enrolled for evening fine art studies next to her full-time job, and in 2023 she took a study leave from her work as a municipality vet and started a bachelor of arts degree in university. “With the university degree I thought it will be less intimidating to enter the art world. I just had my first exhibition this January and it felt really good.”

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Finally, what is her philosophy?
“I’ve realized that creativity suffocates easily in a busy life, and that is not good for a creative person. I believe it’s kind of a vital need for some people to express themselves through some sort of visual medium. So, for me the most important thing about art is simply to create and keep creating.”

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Images: 1) Ahven Tornissa (Perch in Torni), oil on MDF board, 76 cm x 65 cm, 2023, 2), Poro, A2, litography, 2022, 3) Tokka, litography, A2, 2022, 4) Otso, lithography, A1, 5) Poro (Reindeer), A1, litography, 2022, 6) Kettu, clay sculpture, 2023, 7) Kontio, clay sculpture, 2023, 8) Karhu (bear), clay sculpture, 2023, 9) Äiti ja Liinu (Mom and Liinu), oil on canvas, 120 cm x 140 cm, 2024, 10) Paula Ahola 

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