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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 164 - Francesco Candeloro


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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 164 – Francesco Candeloro
Recently I was at the opening of the exhibition ‘Light Landscapes’ by Francesco Candeloro at the Red Stamp Art Gallery in Amsterdam. The artist from Venice makes works of art with light and color.
Candeloro also makes Plexiglass works, contours of urban landscapes that he cuts out with a slander ray, combining two horizons, both with their own color. He does this on the basis of photos he makes on the road.

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Installation, painting, sculpture, photography
About his works and the ways he uses to record his work I had a conversation with the artist.

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The central themes in his work are light, space, time man and his places, he says. Candeloro: “Because light make us see what happens in space, times changes the visible and its perception. The experience of time creates a memory in the human being that stimulates the mind and marks our places, be they visible or invisible, concrete or immaterial. Everything is connected and continuously mutates in time, like we all do.”

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His work develops along several directions. It is articulated in installation, painting, sculpture and, last but not least, photography. “After many years of work dedicated to the photographic research, ‘Light Landscapes’, my personal exhibition at Red Stamp Art Gallery in Amsterdam, wants to focus on the multiple facets of my sensibility through my visual fulcrum.”

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Key Works
If he would have to choose for a key work, he would like to mention more than one. “First I would opt fort he installations on the windows, for example ‘Nella Luce del Tempo’ (‘In the Light of the Time’), that I have realized for my recent solo exhibition ‘Proiezioni [oltre il Tempo]’ (‘Projections {Beyond Time]’ at the National Archeological Museum of Naples. The artworks consists of layered colored plexiglass filters which contain small cut-outs/silhouettes of the city. Light and time are the factors which influence the intensity of the work, that transforms the internal ambiance, and through the sun rays projects a colored shadow in the room.”


Next he mentions his neon installation ‘Linee del Tempo’ (‘Lines of the Time’). A piece that he has specifically thought for its placement behind the sculpture of the ‘Farnese Bull’, permanently at the MANN, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples. “The colored neon lights, which are shaped like the pupil of a large eye, visually incorporate the sculptural group; the lines of a skyline of Beirut are vertically mirrored and horizontally flipped, while a sequence of switching on and off punctuates time and place.”

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And also his installation ‘Città delle Città’ (City of the Cities’) that he created for the Fortuny Museum in Venice. “Through the colors, the lights, the shadows, the signs and the images of different cities, it gives birth to a new place, a new city that is made up of multiple cities.”

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Francesco Candeloro started to exhibit his artworks more than twenty years ago. The first two years of studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice have been important for him to understand his artistic direction. “My artistic life is always stimulated by the development of the work and by the dialogue with my artist friends or by the contrast with other ones. Each journey leads to the discovery of a new vision and to the meeting of new people who transmit new emotional perceptions.”

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Finally, how would he describe his artistic philosophy? “My artistic philosophy is that of absorbing and focusing on new starting points on different times, it is marked by encounters, exchanges and developments. Life is special, art is life!”

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1) – 2) – 3) – 4) – 5) – 6): photographic artworks of the cycle “The Times of the Light”, different years, 1) Ostia, 2011 – 2) Venezia v 5, 2012 – 3) Lagosta, 2012 – 4) Venezia v 4 2016 – 5) Libano, 2011 – 6) one view of the exhibition LIGHT LANDSCAPES, solo show at Red Stamp Art Gallery, Amsterdam (lambda prints on photographic paper, 2018); 7) one view of the exhibition OTHER LIGHTS, solo show at Red Stamp Art Gallery, Amsterdam, 2015/2016 (artworks: “Suspensions of Light-Amsterdam, laser cut on plexiglass, 2015 – “Occhi 7” and “Occhi 49”, industrial airbrush on plexiglass and mixed technique, 2004 – six photographic artworks of the cycle “The Times of the Light”, lambda print on photographic paper, 2015 – Ph: Benjamin Arthur); 8) “Occhi 7”, industrial airbrush on plexiglass and mixed technique, 2004; 9) “Directions” (open version), decoupage and marker on paper, acetate and plexiglass, 2006, 10) Francesco Candeloro portrait (Ph: Elisa Superbi, 2018) 

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