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Meeli Koiva - Fueille Qui Vole

 Meeli Koiva – Fueille Qui Vole – Meditation in Nowhere

My business partner Hakan and I were sitting at the table, intensively
brainstorming about my new glass-light sculpture technological
solutions. We walked around in the studio, discussing the question of
how human power could be mirrored via glass and light. I made my
impulsive statements as always, and , as always, Hakan tried to tone
them down via his chilly northern statements. There was some special
energy in the air. And suddenly the white paper sheets with my designs
started to fly in the air. What pushed them to fly? Was it wind from
the open window, the ideas or synergy between me and my business
partner? And so the idea for the “Feuille Qui Vole” – A flying sheet of paper” was born.

My animations are glass sculptures of moving light, video, and music.
I create animated  trans-urban visions for glass surfaces in city
space: syntheses of sound  movement, soul, sensitivity, where the
“underconsciousness” is counter-cliché.

This combination unfolds the unlimited opportunities of glass and art
in imaginable and unimaginable places and interdependences: glass
walls, glass ceilings, glass floors, glass facades… The past and
future of glass meet here, and this gives a very exciting experience
of time shift where on old foundation with a new quality can be born.
In my art, I use the works of the notable composers Margo Kõlar and
Erkki-Sven Tüür, as well as other composers.

All animations carry different philosophies. They are reflecting and
mirroring my essence, via sounds, movement, touches, vibrations, and
smells. They are syntheses of my soul, sensitivity, subconscious
ideas, and my rejection of clichés.

Sometimes the sound was first and it creates the visions – artificial
and illusory visions. I create creative chaos via glass- from order to
chaos. And a new order on a new level.

“Feuille Qui Vole”

Glassy substance in permanent CHANGE. Vitreous mixed light surface. At
the world’s largest and leading glass conference — Glass Performance
Days in Tampere, Finland — I presented my glass-light sculpture “Feuille
Qui Vole”. The GPD conference is a prominent meeting point for leading
architects, engineers and heads of glass production companies.

“Feuille Qui Vole” – a meeting under flying papers. The name of the
piece of art means “A flying leaf of paper”. The sculpture serves as a
notable example of the world’s top glass enthusiasts cooperating – this is the
focus of many GPD conferences. Every aspect of the creation of
“Feuille Qui Vole” is a result of cooperation of different
specialists: both the architectural vision and its implementation.

I got inspiration for the glass and light composition from flying
paper sheets and then shaped the idea in a curved glass sculpture with
lighting and colored transformation effects. Flying papers in the room
recall the energy that can be born between people. The work creates a
special life-force; it aspires to give people energy and relaxation from
their everyday chores. As the Glaston Corporation headquarters
building has curved glass facades, the artwork is especially suited there.

The completed glass assembly consists of four curved pieces of glass
at the bottom, topped by three pieces that leave the visual impression
of levitation. The constantly changing lighting system breathes life
into the work. In the daytime the beauty of transparent etched glass
dominates, uniting with sensitive, slow lighting and color
transformations from yellow to white and from white to blue. It gives
passersby the distinct feeling that parts of the curved architecture
are flying inside the interior of the building. At various moments the
sculpture intensifies the building’s round blue reflections. At other
times the accent is given by white and yellow changing images.

For lighting, the sculpture’s quartz frosted glass rods pass
the light via LEDs. These diodes are intense enough to make the glass
rods shine in the daytime. Additionally, the blue glass in the
background diffuses the natural light from the outside to enhance the
sculpture’s effect. The colors and light dynamics can be controlled by

Sound turns into a feeling

Feeling turns into a line

Glass rods turn into a glass sheet

The glass sheet turns into a light

Light turns into a vibration

Vibrations between people make miracles

Vibration turns into an energy/synergy

Energy /synergy puts paper sheets to fly


Meeli with the President of Estonia

 Meeli Koiva with the Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves

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