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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 299 - Albert de Wilde

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 299 – Albert de Wilde
The work of Albert de Wilde was shown in the MLB gallery. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Intimacy’. There were drawings and paintings on display with lines and surfaces, sometimes smudges.

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I talk to Albert de Wilde at his exhibition. De Wilde: “The lines and surfaces have been chosen intuitively. Images, thoughts about images, representations and stories play out in my head. I am trying to discover what my memory has forgotten or never knew. It’s about moving and meeting. In search of a growing openness, recognizable figures have changed into surfaces and lines, which eventually became detached from recognizable shapes and images. ”

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Although the theme of the exhibition was Intimacy, that is not quite the central theme in his work. That’s rather life. “Life as I feel it. How people treat each other, how you treat yourself. Because of my way of working, intuitively, with a major role for physical memory, you quickly come to the theme of intimacy. The subjects are personal and intimate and the process, the way of working, is also intimate. ”

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It keeps him busy, the world, and how people treat each other in a different way than before. “But then and now it is all about meeting. I try to let lines and surfaces meet. For me it’s about letting go of form. In real life, I increasingly see people meeting each other in a form. That is liberating for them, it makes it easier for them to interact with each other. A form is also important, everyone comes across something difficult in their life. Then if there is a form, it is easier to deal with it. But you can also get stuck in the form too much. ”

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In his work Albert de Wilde tries to go to the moment before that form is there. “The moment you experience something physically, it is not yet in the form. You experience joy or sorrow, then there is the physical experience of it first. You then choose a form. I am mainly interested in the time before the form is there: the experience. ”

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Work of 15 meters
Albert de Wilde, born in Zutphen, attended the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. “At the time, that academy was mainly a painting school. I made a lot of figurative work, almost everything that I made was figurative. As a basis I sometimes took photos out of the newspaper that I mixed with images from my own life. I worked intuitively. The set-up was sometimes abstract, the effect figurative. I mixed about ten / twelve images that entered into a relationship with each other. Often contrasting images. This contrast led to a movement in the work, a relationship between the parts. Like now the lines and sweeps enter into a relationship with each other. ”

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For his graduation, in 2001, he made a large work, 15 meters long. But his studio was only five meters long. “So I rolled the paper out and in until I had everything. During that period I made more large-format work. On the work in question a person can be seen lying stretched out with other images and texts around it.” It may well be his key work, he says. The work is still there, saved. He took the work – which he only then saw in full for the first time – to the graduation committee in 2001 and received a particularly good assessment for it.

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He lived in Drenthe for thirty years. His children grew up there. At some point he decided to move to Amsterdam. He is positive about the Amsterdam art climate. He likes to work and he does this alone, he has no need to participate in artists life. “I need to make my own work alone. I have a studio at home. I sometimes participate in a atelier route and now I have this exhibition in the gallery. It is a nice end to a period with a certain type of work. After this I will go back to work for a considerable period. Perhaps with a new theme, portraits, landscapes perhaps. “

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When asked about his philosophy, he says: “I think the importance of art and culture is great, especially in this society, which is changing so quickly. Living, looking and dealing with art helps people, not forget children, to deal with everyday things. When you are used to looking at art, you gain a power with which you can see the world. You achieve a certain openness. Art asks for your opinion, it is difficult not to make a choice. So much is coming our way and often we don’t understand it. We sometimes stick to superficial opinions. Art can help make the process more personal. ”

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“Art, both looking at art and making it, also helps me to discover something about myself, to find the necessity of existence.”
1) work on paper, 2 to 5) oil on canvas, 6 to 9) various materials on paper, 10) the last dance

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