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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 432 - Jan van Teeffelen

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieeces, 432 – Jan van Teeffelen
Jan van Teeffelen, not directly related to me, although my name is also Van Teeffelen, and my father comes from Lithoijen, just like Jan’s father. I often saw him walking around with his camera. He was the photographer of Nijmegen.

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Jan van Teeffelen was a well-known personality who was present at every event with his inseparable Leica. Jan was a passionate people photographer who traveled a lot but could mainly be found on the streets of Nijmegen. See the Facebook site of the foundation that wants to give his work a new lease of life:

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The foundation includes photographers Henk Braam and Ger Loeffen. A year ago they took on the task of inventorying, digitizing and showing Van Teeffelen’s oeuvre, stored in a Shurgard box. They thus took over the task of Marc van Teeffelen, son of Jan, who had already started this, but became seriously ill and died in March last year.


Daily life in pictures
Braam: “He liked to portray everyday life, the reality on the street, the people. He frequented the nightlife a lot, in De Swing for example.

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His photos hung on the wall there. The hairstyles, the clothes, his work gives a beautiful image of the time.” Loeffen: “He often took pictures when people didn’t notice. He had an extra eye for feminine beauty.”

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“Our goal is to hold a nice retrospective exhibition in the Stevenskerk with the work of Jan at the end of 2024. He lived right next to the church for a long time, so that’s a great place for it. That includes a luxury book, which people can sign up for in advance. Jan’s work actually belongs to the cultural heritage of the city of Nijmegen.”

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The Four Days Walking Tour
For years Jan photographed the Nijmegen Four Days Marches and taught photography at the Lindenberg. In 2010 he was appointed Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau, an award that he received partly for his work in Sri Lanka, where he has done a lot for homeless elderly people. He lived in one of the canons’ houses next to the Stevenskerk. Until the last Jan continued to photograph until he passed away in 2011 at the age of 81. Jan leaves behind a large analogue archive that provides a unique picture of almost 60 years of daily life in Nijmegen. His extensive oeuvre is given a new lease of life here.

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On December 10, the most beautiful photos of Jan van Teeffelen will be shown in the LUX accompanied by live music performed by I Compani. Anyone who has a warm heart for photography (or Nijmegen) should not miss this! It may just be that the older guard sees themselves in one of the many beautiful photos. The two performances are one-off so order your tickets quickly here:

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Thanks to the Jan van Teeffelen Foundation and Geert Willems of De Gelderlander

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1) Old lower town Nijmegen before renovation, with Waal bridge, 2) Health center ‘t Weeshuis in the Begijnenstraat in Nijmegen, 3) Jan van Teeffelen at the table with his wife Teuntje, photo Marc van Teeffelen, 4) Seagulls on the Grote Markt in Nijmegen, 5) Harrie van Kuyk and Theo Elfrink eat pigeon soup from self-shot pigeons, the Waal in the background, 6) The Four Days Marches, annual walking tour in Nijmegen, 7) Minus van Reeken, caravan camp Nijmegen, 8) Winter landscape Ooijpolder, 9) Jane Fonda in De Lindenberg at Vietnam rally, 1975, 10) Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, 2000

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