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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 9 – Therese Lydia Joseph

therese lydia joseph -Late Afternoon Mood-36x30 inches

therese lydia joseph -Late Afternoon Mood-36×30 inches

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 9 – Therese Lydia Joseph
Therese Lydia Joseph lives in Canada’s west coast, in the thriving city of Vancouver. Originally she is from Switzerland, but she immersed herself fully in her new country. She started as a Kindergarten teacher, and now is an artist and Art teacher.

Therese Lydia Joseph - 3 in one

Therese Lydia Joseph – 3 in one

This is what Therese Lydia Joseph has to say about her key approach to painting: ‘Every day I stumble upon the hidden beauty of ordinary, often unnoticed and disregarded subjects. These subjects are not limited to objects; they include my fellow humans I bump into every day. I get caught up in the unexpected wonder of the subject’s shape or form, colour or pattern, disposition or mood.


Therese Lydia Joseph -  Before Summer Ends-61x61cm-acrylic and collage

Therese Lydia Joseph – Before Summer Ends-61x61cm-acrylic and collage

My purpose is to grab hold of the intense feeling this provokes in me and capture it on canvas. I approach the canvas with that same intensity and spontaneity. Using acrylics and mixed media allows me to be creative without limits. I love bright colours, texture and detail in my paintings.

Therese Lydia Joseph - Strength Becomes Her

Therese Lydia Joseph – Strength Becomes Her

Ultimately I seek harmony between “strength and fragility” and “vibrancy and serenity”. When I feel the same awareness of wonder stirring in me as when I first came upon the hidden beauty – I know the painting is done and art is created.’

Therese Lydia Joseph - Moving On

Therese Lydia Joseph – Moving On


About Joseph’s Figurative Work

“FACES” is a figurative/abstract series of portraits capturing an honest thought, a genuine mood or a daring dream. Joseph is passionate about drawing and painting faces and thoroughly enjoys seeing how personality and temperament come into being from an empty canvas.

“FIGURES” is a series of work portraying ladies caught in a moment in time. Although these moments might be sad, tough, unfair or undesired, Joseph focuses on that flicker of hope, that unseen beauty and strength which hides inside my subjects.

About Joseph’s Abstract Work

“AGAINST ALL ODDS” is a series of 34 paintings ranging from 8 ft to 6 in in size. Her approach is spontaneous, her brushstrokes are bold and her colour palette is vibrant. This series exposes the stubbornness, the persistence for existence and relentless strength of the Dandelion, a plant Joseph came to respect and admire.

World Within

Therese Lydia Joseph has always been a person noticing details rather than seeing the big picture. She loves to travel to foreign countries and while everyone is taking pictures of the landscape she focuses in on the details of the tree branches against the sky, a door, a window, a stony pathway etc.


Many see the beautiful seascapes – Joseph sees the pattern of the ripples in the water and the reflection of the light. Some love to take pictures of a palace, a church, a castle – Joseph gets attracted by the texture of an old wall or a crack in the wood. Therese Lydia Joseph looks beyond the crowd, she sees the lonely merchant, the homeless person on the side of the road, the tired worker leaning against the post.

Therese Lydia Joseph -Zen in Black

Therese Lydia Joseph -Zen in Black

Joseph tells us that she sees faces in thought, eyes that tell stories, souls that reach out and hang on to their dreams. It’s important to Joseph to portray themes of such nature in her work. She says: “This is who I am – this is how I see and experience my world. I am an artist because I need to express and share my world within. I do not feel the need to duplicate a still life, recreate a landscape or reproduce anything in a realistic manner. It is my passion to paint what I feel, think and dream of – that gives me great satisfaction”

therese lydia joseph - 8, Who Needs Shoes

Passion not Poison
In a nutshell the key in Joseph’s work is “Passion”. This shows in the colours she uses. They are vibrant and they vary – as to say life is exciting but life is also turbulent and quiet. It shows also in her brushstroke. It is pressing on, does not linger but goes steady. Just like those pondering moments in life which bring us the hope to keep on going.

Joseph is a very creative person and the use of mixed media techniques is also a key factor in her work. It allows her to use another dimension to express herself – other than colour and paint. Joseph often uses newspapers, collages, textiles and other things in her work. Her work often includes an element of surprise, detail and a message.

Joseph says: ‘Monotony and boredom are not my friends, they are like poison.’ Furthermore she says: ‘I like the viewer to be able to connect with the mood my art portrays. I love it when people start discussing what the person in the painting might think, feel or might be going through. It’s rewarding when the viewer connects with my work, when it triggers thought, an experience or a fantasy.’
Endlessly Evolving
Therese Lydia Joseph says that she has always been an artist, a creator and an inventor. As far as she can think back she remembers spending all her free time using her hands to build things, draw, design and come up with stuff she has not seen before. Joseph became a professional artist after she raised her children.

In 2007 she began the journey as a visual artist. Her education in art is a self-directed one. Joseph carefully chose courses and classes at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver and Langara Collage, Vancouver. Joseph handpicked her mentors and participated in numerous workshops and private art classes.

Now she is a respected visual artist in her community. Joseph shows her work in group and solo shows throughout Canada and in Europe. She is often asked to lead community art projects, especially with children and young adults. A few times per week she teaches mixed media art to children, teens, adults and seniors at her home studio in North Vancouver and at Community Art Centres.

Therese Lydia Joseph - Sea-To-Sky

Therese Lydia Joseph – Sea-To-Sky

Five women

Therese Lydia Joseph is also a member of a group of 5 women artists who live in Vancouver. The group is called the 5 Senses (5enses) and can be found at

These 5 women exhibit together, critique each other’s work and encourage each other on their journey as professional artist. Social media also has become an important part to Joseph. It’s another way she shares her art and her experience with the rest of the world.

Therese Lydia Joseph -Mid-Summer Fiesta

Therese Lydia Joseph -Mid-Summer Fiesta

Joseph has a blog where she shares many tricks and secrets about her art and her life as an artist. It can be found here From time to time Joseph likes to make a video of her projects and artwork. It is another way to see what she is up to and how a painting gets created. It can be found here


Therese Lydia Joseph - portrait-image

Therese Lydia Joseph – portrait-image

Staying Social
Therese Lydia Joseph concludes: “Art is what binds us together from all four corners of the world without having to use words, air fares or phone calls – so it would be my pleasure to hear from other artist and art lovers from near and far.”



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