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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 178 - Lory Ginedumont

Lory Ginedumont – 1, Portrait_of_the_artist

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 178 – Lory Ginedumont
At the Body Link (First Part) exhibition at the Red Stamp Art Gallery in Amsterdam, Lory Ginedumont, who lives between France and Italy, has presented a series of photographs, selfies where she takes the guise of an angel, with real wings, which she threw off little by little.
Apparently she wanted to get rid of high expectations of others, which once she had taken on herself. She wanted to be herself, this was my idea. But it all turned out to be wider and more profound.


Real experiences
Through the words of an autograph poem, that she has written on the glass on some of the photos, she described her wish to fully live in the physical world, descending into a yearned corporeity, finally free from caging behavioral constraints.
“J’ai pas envie d’être un ange! plus envie d’ailes, de ciel, d’éternel. pas envie d’être invisible, inaccessible. plus envie d’être là ou là-bas, ici-bas. étrange envie de tomber des nues, sans jamais plus prendre mon envol.” (“I no longer want to be an angel, I no longer want wings, heaven, eternity, I no longer want to be invisible, inaccessible, I no longer want to be here, over here or there , strange desire to fall from the clouds without ever resuming the flight. “).

Lory Ginedumont – 3, J’ai pas envie d’etre un ange-02-s

The body is in this case the personification of the material vehicle of the personality immersed in the world of experiences and in the passage of time, which becomes a means of experimentation and knowledge, compared to the opposite psychic situation, symbolized by the angel, of ethereal purity, of keeping oneself out of existence to be everywhere, but from above, without ever really experiencing.


Her bed
Lory Ginedumont’s work is like a diary, she says. “By telling about myself I want to touch problems and universal topics which are own to the human being as for example death, rebirth, fear, anguish, anger.” For her it’s a way of living and belonging to the world.

Lory Ginedumont – 5, J’ai pas envie d’etre un ange-04-s

Another important work of her is the installation entitled “Mon lit” (“My bed”). “In this work I have represented day by day my bed in a miniature version through a multitude of sculptures made by real fabric sheets and blankets: I wanted to narrate my daily life by means of the draperies of my bed sheets. For this installation I’ve also produced a video showing myself while I was lying on my bed, this sequence has been in turn projected on the background on one of these small sculpture-beds.”

Lory Ginedumont – 6, MonLit-detail

She often employs fabrics for her artworks. “For example I write poems on the walls by means of pieces of cloth; for my art production I avail myself of various means such as installation, sculpture, drawing, painting, performance, video and photography: these last techniques are about self portraits and self video-shootings where only for the post-production phase I collaborate with a photographer or a video editing technician.”

Lory Ginedumont – 7, MonLit-view-01

Blue showcases
An important period of her production has been that of the blue showcases, artworks which she realized through the appropriation of historical paintings, as the “St. Sebastian” by Guido Reni. “I inserted a reproduction of this picture, where the saint is depicted without arrows, in a box that I then sealed with blue plexiglass, perforated by real arrows. These, by striking the image, complete and enclose the artwork in the intense, mysterious, sacred and immaterial depth of the blue, a bit like a time machine that brings the image back to life through this color and then encloses it in the dimension of the past to which it belongs.”

Lory Ginedumont – 8, MonLit-view-02-s

Lory Ginedumont has always been an artist, she says. “My mother, when I was a child, gave me colored pencils and a sheet to make me feel safe! My artistic career started after my studies at the Ligurian Fine Arts Academy of Genoa, when I decided to set up my own studio and start to work; the meeting with art critic and historian Pierre Restany has been in that moment decisive for me. Since then I have often exhibited in Italy and France, which both are countries where I live and work, but also abroad.”

Lory Ginedumont – 9, MonLit-video-still_frame-s

Day by day
Being an artist is a special thing…, she finally says. “It’s a difficult choice that imposes itself day by day. Being an artist is a philosophy of life, a thought, a humanistic and scientific research that takes place at every moment.”

Lory Ginedumont – 10, MonLit-Prison

Images: 1) Lory Ginedumont, portrait of the artist, 2 – 3) photographic series “J’ai pas envie d’etre un ange”, whole view and detail, 4 – 5) “J’ai pas envie d’etre un ange”, view of the video on display at “The Body Link – First Part”, Red Stamp Art Gallery, Amsterdam and detail from a still frame, 6 – 7 – 8 – 9) “Mon lit”, detail, two views of the installation and still frame from the video, 10) “Mon Lit – Prison

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