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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 67 – Veysi

veysi - 1, 4Kids

veysi – 1, 4Kids

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 67 – Veysi

Veysi (artist name) makes ultra slow-motion portraits. He’s been doing this since January 1, 2010. The first four years of his life the Kurdish-Turkish artist lived in complete silence. All information went through his eyes. From the time he wore hearing aids, he could hear a little again and he was fascinated by the effect of sound on mind and body.
Because Veysi lived in parallel worlds (West – East, deaf – hearing), he developed his own view of the world. Film is his medium to reach people and to let people discover their strength – using cinematographic techniques.Veysi grew up in The Hague, Schilderswijk. He lived there in two streets: Gerard Dou Street and Paulus Potter Street. He went to the St. Joost Academy in Breda, where he graduated in 1999 as a film artist and – director and won the award for the best graduating student. After graduation he spent a year travelling around the world and then he went to live in Amsterdam, De Pijp. Veysi: “There too in two streets named after 17th century painters. First, Jacob van Campen and today Frans Hals. Apparently there is a connection between me and clear, figurative art.”

veysi - 4, Dewy&Ad02

veysi – 4, Dewy&Ad02

Slow motion film portraits
We encountered Veysi through the series ‘The Enchanted World’ ( In the newspaper NRC the former film editor considered the theme Film & Enchantment in response to readers’questions. Veysi asked him a questions about movie magic, which Hans Beerekamp answered in detail. Veysi was still a student of film.
Veysi explains his mission as follows: “The older we get, the faster time seems to fly by. We only live once and many people we see only once. This inspired me to have a better look at people, to immerse myself very much in them.” Based on this idea he began making slow motion film portraits. By drastic slowing down of the speed we not only see the people in a different way, but we also become aware of the progress of the time. It hits back at the viewer who appears to be in an oasis of tranquility. Something quite different from the rapid subsequent images we are used to on TV and internet.

veysi - 5, Dick-

veysi – 5, Dick-

More compassion
He now has written and directed two short films and a feature film. Since 2010 he made around 40 slow motion film portraits of people of various nationalities, from the Netherlands and abroad. He also wrote three scenarios that he will film the next few years.
Inner peace and peace in general is the central theme in his work. Veysi: “In such a situation you can make better choices and also have more energy and compassion for fellow human beings and nature. The earth / the world is the reflection of the spiritual state of people.”

veysi – 6, Eline4

Key words

He has two key works: the portrait of the meditating Nuwella Love and that of Ariel Eccheverria. In addition he points to his short film on that depicts the struggle of an artist between inner peace and unrest / desire as the source of artistry.
Veysi rarely visits galleries and museum of modern art. “I am seldom touched. Many works of art that I’ve seen are vague, conceptual and introverted. In my view, it is easy to be vague, one can then assign all kinds of meaning. The trick is to communicate clearly to the audience and at the same time put the imagination to work.”
The coming years Veysi will work on two tracks: portraits and films.  The coming years will Veysi work on two tracks: portraits and films.

veysi - 7, Gabriel-

veysi – 7, Gabriel-


veysi - 9, Miguel

veysi – 9, Miguel


veysi -10, Nuwella-

veysi -10, Nuwella-



veysi - 11, Rabiha-2

veysi – 11, Rabiha-2



veysi - 12, Serhat

veysi – 12, Serhat


veysi - 13, Siri720

veysi – 13, Siri720



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