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The Art of Harriet Nilsson at the Gallery Kasser Rassu Marbella


If I were to sum up a description of myself with a couple of words it would be “late bloomer”.  It’s as if everything is coming together in a cascade of fearless attempts to express myself.
Creativity has always been important to me and during times in my life when I did not express myself thru some type of creative form I pretty much crumbled and felt lost and unhappy. But it was not until these last 18 months that I found a profound connection with my inner source to fully trust and follow what my heart desired. Last year I wrote a book that I’m now in the process of finding publishing for. It’s a jungle in itself but I’m patient. I rather get it right than rush into self-publishing which seams to be the most common publishing method for the time being.IMG_1417

It was an amazing journey to throw myself into writing a naked book about the pain I went through after a separation and how I grew and coped with moving on with my life. It’s a book I think many women can identify themselves in. The amazing feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction from the work involved was like a seed to also commit myself to do an art exhibition. It is eight months since I started to work on the art that is now on display throughout February at the gallery Kasser Rassu in Marbella. The owner of the gallery has been a never-ending source of support and encouraged me so much with her belief in what I do. This is my first own exhibition and it’s been a real trip to complete the work for it.

Twenty years ago I worked as a photographer but my desire to create my own photo art exceeded my capacity to work commercially and when I decided to put the camera on the shelf it was honestly a relief to stop trying to succeed as a photographer. Photography is for me more than anything a way to express and catch a feeling of a moment and I have a special love for black and white photography.

Twelve years ago when I first started painting as a hobby I had a summer shop with a mix of interiors and fashion clothing in Altea north of Alicante where I hung some of the paintings I had done with stones. As a result from that I was asked by a gentleman to participate with some pieces in a gallery in Barcelona. I was of course immensely flattered and even more so when the three pieces I participated with sold within two days. It was a real wow feeling to think that someone was actually prepared to pay for something I had done so they could bring it home and hang it on their wall. It was an awesome feeling but up until now I only took time once in a while to pursuit it.


Harriet Nielsson

Harriet Nilsson

I’m born and raised in Sweden and return on a regular basis to my family and friends there, but Spain has been my home country for many years now.  There is a special place in my heart for Sweden and especially Stockholm that I love more than any other city in Europe but under the sun in Spain is where I belong. This is where I have pretty much raised my three children; this is where I feel free to live my life without stress and where a simple cup of coffee in the sun can still be the highlight of the day. It’s easy to appreciate the simplicity in life when you’re under the warm sun and there’s not many days going by without me feeling immense gratitude for the beauty that surrounds me.
My art is a result from the two art forms. I either integrate stones and or photographs in my paintings and the message in my poetry that comes individually with each piece completes the art. I write the poetry not only to get my message across but also with the intention to trigger the viewer to find his or her own message.

My spiritual journey has taken leap steps in the last year and a half and has reawaken sources within me that I did not even know existed. Life is truly magical and when you stumble across new paths and have faith in that everything happens for a reason when your ready for it there’s no limits to what you can achieve.
Many exciting projects are in the pipeline for this year and I open my blue every morning with gratitude for discovering that I am the creator of my own life experience.JEN_6075





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