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Ernst Kraft, An Amazing Maze

Ernst Kraft, an amazing maze

Space technologies and Internet have developed fast over the years, from the first man on the moon in 1969 and seeing Satellite photos of exotic places, or even the village you live in, on internet has been only 40 years. Maybe  “Space” was is the sixties and seventies more of a hot item then now, not only “space cake” was eaten by a lot of fans, and David Bowie’s “Major Tom” made space come closer, also the writer Erich von Däniken mixed his version of Gods and astronauts.. (Chariots of the Gods)

“During my long journey through South America, I visited the lines “drawn” with stones and rocks in the endless desert of Nazca, Peru. According to von Däniken is was clear that the Indians (if they had ever made these “drawings” themselves, which seemed to him quiet impossible, they could only serve one purpose: to be guidelines for a tremendous space-airport where the god-astronauts could safely land. ) Fascinating, these lines, yes, they still are… an artwork to be seen from space…”

“Some years ago I made a “land art” work in Passau, Germany. (My work was the gift of the University and the Town Hall of Malaga to the city of Passau to celebrate 20 years of city partnership) “

“What I made there on this particular peninsula was a labyrinth, was a maze, flat on the soil, like a drawing, a fingerprint, related to the form of this peculiar place where three rivers join together: the Danube, the Inn, and the Ilz. It took one month, 26 tons of the ancient cobblestones of the city pavements, and almost a broken back.. It was originally not planned as permanent, but at the opening the Mayor of the city made clear that the people of Passau saw this as their legitimate artistic patrimony. “

“This summer I have been invited to do some other work, I don’t know yet what, in Passau, and like they told me several times: you always have your studio here… “

“So I went investigating a bit, and using Google Earth, I also had a look at this peninsula, the Passau sacred area…, where I made this maze, the Ortspitze, like it is called in Passau… and I was amazed (how strange sounds this word suddenly, maze.. amazed…) zooming in, just a bit in I could clearly see the labyrinth, and the proportions, zooming in more (see the photo), you can trace the whole walk right to the center…) “

“It touched me for various reasons: my work can be seen from space.. , (Ok, let’s be modest: only with the help of these incredible cameras…but yet… ) Is this a silly emotion?, I don’t think so… I suddenly could see that I achieved what I wanted, …

What you can’t see completely being on the same ground level , like what you can’t see when contemplating the Lines in the Nazca desert, it shows all its hidden aspects when seen from space…

In Passau, the Ortspitze you see the lines moving while walking, and you can  only imagine the whole concept, (What else is art about?) but you cannot see the whole work… From space you can, and after all that’s the whole mystical idea behind the labyrinth anyway…”

By god, and if the similarity of the maze in Passau with some of the Nazca desert drawings confuses a new generation of Gods and astronauts…

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