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Houses of Art Gallery,Marbella Club Hotel, shows “A Light in the Space”, the Personal Exhibition of Helidon Xhixha.


Press Release
Houses of Art Gallery,Marbella Club Hotel, will show “A Light in the Space”, the personal Exhibition of Helidon Xhixha (1970 : Durrës, Albania),
from Thursday, 14th of August, until the 16th of September, 2014. The artist will be present at the reception cocktail on Thursday, 14th of August, from 20.30 until 22.30.

“I don’t sculpt materials. I use materials to sculpt light” – Helidon Xhixha.
PURITY,2012, 2 Semi oval High Relief, Mirrored Polished Stainless Steel, 289x89x20 cm.

Xhixha’s desire is to capture and sculpt light through an intervention upon steel by folding it, turning it inside out and marking it so that the very form of the sculpture becomes of secondary importance while it’s capacity to reflect and illuminate takes on a primary role. His art works converse with the world, embracing it and reflecting external environments, colours and brightness.

Helidon Xhixha

Helidon Xhixha

“Xhixha has made certain aspects of great prominence his very own. First of all, the emphasis placed upon the aesthetic tension derived from the relationship between the physical expressiveness of the materials used and the effects of light. Such is the case of Brancusi’s polished bronze sculptures which have influenced so many artists such as Arnaldo and Giò Pomodoro.

The reference is significant, even though the material differ and there are no direct stylistic connections. Another aspect that should be pointed out is the utmost development of spatial suspension and the conception of sculpture as a dominant gliding relief, a well-defined modality of configuration which derives from classical low and high-reliefs. Examples are found in experimental forms in many works.



In post war Italy alone, we can find these conceptions in various two dimensional sculptures by Consagra, the extraordinary iron sculptures by Burri and certain spatial concepts by Fontana. Moreover, interest in reflecting steel sheet and those painted with glossy industrial enamel are linked to more recent artistic experiences beginning with the 1960’s when the colder allure and industrial operative procedures came into play along with pop art style colors. But Xhixha’s sculpture reveals unique innovative characteristics
all of its own: special moulded luminous effects derived from an energy charged way of working the iron; a process of folding and moulding the sheets by twisting them with a detailed, thriving delivery of curved and convex undulations that project and cave in.

These works are created with tools from garages and body shops.” Francesco Poli.

“Despite the exceptional hardness of steel, Xhixha’s works do not betray the use of any mechanical object or tool which forced them to take on their particular form. It is as though the artist had moulded the material only with the force of his mind, a mind endowed with the power of folding it into inexhaustible and at the same time amazingly particular shapes. His sculptures, in fact, are part of that apparently casual organic unity that seems inherent in natural forms: the allusive and enigmatic fascination of a stone abandoned forever to the caress of the waves and to the rubbing of sand blown along by the wind. And yet at the same time they have an architectural rigour which, however, appears to be innate in creative energy, a result of the artist’s striking intuition of the artist rather than of a deliberate, planned aim.

red big

red big

Xhixha, in fact, being immune to any kind of arbitration with the materials of yesterday’s fashionable and extremely modern artists, sublimates force and energy to light, the element we have already often referred to, in a quite unusual way.” Enrico Badellino.

Presidential Palace, Tirana
Kopenhagener Strasse, Berlin, Germany
Museum of Science and Technology, Milan, Italy
Violin Museum, Cremona, Italy
Palazzo della Regione, Milan, Italy
Piazza IV Novembre, Legnano, Italy
Via Acquaviva, Zona Porto Canale, Cremona, Italy
Palazzo della Provincia, Bergamo, Italy
Piazza Alessandro Volta, Como, Italy
Piazza Vigili del Fuoco, Milan, Italy
Piazza Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy
Piazza de’ Rucellai, Florence, Italy
Piazza El Alamein, Giulio Cesare project, Novara, Italy
Ferrari factory, Maranello (Mo), Italy
Corso Umberto I, Stresa, Italy
Piazza Marinone, San Pietro Mosezzo, Italy Piazza Martiri della Libertà, Banca Popolare di Intra,
Novara, Italy
Grand Hotel Melia Hall, Dubai, Emirates
Muse, Sunny Island, Florida
Echo Brickell, Miami, Florida
Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida
Winner of a scholarship to attend a specialization course at Kingston University in London
Graduated at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Italy
Selected Personal and Group Exhibitions
2014 – Marbella (Spain) – Helidon Xhixha at Houses of Art (14th of August – 16th of September)
– Monaco – Helidon Xhixha at The New Yacht Club De Monaco (20th June)
– Cologne (Germany) – Helidon Xhixha at Art Cologne 2014 (April 10 – 13)
– Milano (Italy) – Helidon Xhixha at MiArt 2014 (March 28 – 30)
– Miami (Florida) – Helidon Xhixha at Art Wynwood 2014 (February 13 – 17)
2013 – Miami (Florida) – Helidon Xhixha at Art Miami, 2013 (December 3-8)
– Miami (Florida) – Helidon Xhixha at Echo Brickell, Miami 2013 (December 6)
– Torino (Italy) – Helidon Xhixha per Artissima 2013 (November 7-10)
– Vienna (Austria) – Helidon Xhixha at International Art Fair Vienna (October 10 – 13)
– Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (France) – Helidon Xhixha at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat from June 21
– Marbella (Spain) – Helidon Xhixha Houses of Art (May 10 – June 26)
– Montecarlo – Helidon Xhixha at Art Monaco (April 25-28)
– Miami (Florida) – Works of Helidon Xhixha to First Friday Art Walk (April 5)
– Paris (France) – Espace Pierre Cardin Helidon Xhixha – “Art & Design” (March 27-31)
– Dubai (UAE) – Helidon Xhixha at Design Day in Dubai (March 18-21)
– Milan (Italy) – The monolith of Xhixha at Nat. Museum of Science and Technology
“Leonardo da Vinci” (March 14)
– Miami (Florida) – Nina Torres Fine Art, LIGHT in MIAMI, Helidon Xhixha Solo
Show (February 16 to March 31)
– Bologna (Italy) – Achille Bonito Oliva present Helidon Xhixha in Bologna. A performance
E.A.C (January 24 to 27)
2012x- Tirana (Albania) – Installation works in front of the Presidential Palace (November 27)
– Cremona (Italy) – Installation work in front of the Museum of the Violin (November 11)
– Monza (Italy) – Helidon Xhixha Biennale Italy – China (October 20 to December 16)
– Verona (Italy) – Xhixha at Art Verona 2012 (October 18 to 22)
– Pietrasanta (Italy) – Xhixha “Sculpting Declinations” (July 5 to 30)
– Milan (Italy) – View of AD “The House of the Italians, 30 years of style” (April 16 to 22)
– Milan (Italy) – MiArt 2012 (April 12 to 15)
– Milan (Italy) – Installation works, Lombardy Region (January 19)
2011 – Dubai – Dubai 2011
– Monza (Italy) – Marco Monti Gallery (Novembre 19)
– Monza (Italy) – Lampi di Luce in Città (October 29 -November 20)
– Verona (Italy) – Helidon Xhixha at Art Verona 2011 (October 6 to 10)
– Varazze (Italy) – Un prestigioso spazio dedicato esclusivamente all’arte di Helidon Xhixha
– Marbella (Spain) – Helidon Xhixha at Marbella (July 14)
– Matera (Italy) – Helidon Xhixha at Matera (June 25 – September 11)
– Basel – Helidon Xhixha at Art Basel Fair 2011 (June 15 to 19)
– Milan (Italy) – Xhixha at the World Art Gallery (April 9 to 15)
– Milan (Italy) – Xhixha at Miart 2011 (April 8 to 11)
– Monaco – Xhixha to ARTMonaco 2011 (March 31-April 3)
– Paris (France) – Xhixha to ART PARIS 2011 (31 March-April)
– S.M.Ligure (Italy) – Solo Exhibition of Xhixha to Villa Durazzo (February 12 to March 13)
– Germany – Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Germania (January 7)
2010 – Special tv dedicated to Helidon Xhixha (December 26)
– Cantù (Italy) – Museum of Wood and Company Showroom Riva 1920 (2 December to
Gennary 15)
– Orta San Giulio (Italy) – Orta San Giulio (Italy) – Exhibition (November 14 to 28)
– Geneva – Manoir de Cologny (October 21)
– Verona (Italy) – Xhixha at Arteverona 2010 (October 14)
– Pistoia (Italy) – Helidon Xhixha at “Overlook” (September 18)
– Venezia (Italy) – Le briccole di Venezia (August 26)
– PuntoSat, Telecampione e Sky 833, with the Xhixha’s work (June 18)
– Milano (Italy) – IULM “Openspace” – H.Xhixha ( June 7)
– Legnano (Italy) – Solo exhibition Xhixha (May 21)
– Legnano (Italy) – Il peso del Palio (May 14)
– Castel Monastero (Italy) – Personal exhibition Xhixha (May)
– Bologna (Italy) – Museo MAGI ’900 (May 7)
– Milano (Italy) – MiArt 2010 (March 26-29)
– TV e Network – Works of Xhixha on Sky and Network (March 27 )
– Milan (Italy) – “Le briccole di Venezia” at International exhibition of furniture & Milan
triennale (March 16)
– Special Tv – PuntoSat, Telecampione e Sky 833, with the Xhixha’s work (March 14)
– Bergamo (Italy) – Solo Exhibition and opening of “Renaissance of Towers”
Bau 2009, Munich, Germany
TU vuoi essere Attore…o comparsa?, Barclays Premier, Milan, Italy
Stark, The Transformer Station Humboldt, Berlin, Germany
Artur-o, MuST Temporary Museum of Contemporary Art, Yiwu, China
Cornice Vernice, Venice, Italy
Palazzo Broletto, Salone Arengo, Novara, Italy
Agora Gallery, New York, USA
One Company Brain”, Think Finance, Milan, Italy
Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Italy
OpenAir Contest, Tokyo, Japan
Opened Factories, Procos Spa, Cameri, Italy
Nudo per l’estate, Arte e Cultura, Milan, Italy
Black Health Gallery, London, UK
USA Consulate General, Milan, Italy
USA, Milan, Italy
Kingston University, London, UK
Sforzesco Castle, Galliate, Italy
Brera Laboratory of Modern and Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy
Gallery of Figurative Art, Durres, Albania
National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania 

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