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"Intermedio" - Castanets Part Two By Dianna Collen

“Intermedio” by J. Gimenez including the superb playing of the Castanets by Lucero Tena

Where do I find the words to explain this brilliant performance? It took me to a magical place where I had never been before. I felt totally powerless, incapable of expressing the enthralment I felt.

The majestic power of the orchestra, bonding in harmony with one single pair of castanets so passionately played by their handler and sensitive to her touch, sent shivers down my spine. Clicking in whispers, mimicking, and cheeky with fun. Outbursts of rhythm blending together with the orchestra yet each one quite unique. The audience and orchestra! Applauding with a standing ovation. There is no need for a hall of fame, the writing is on their faces!

Castanets are very old their earliest recorded history dates back 1000 B.C. They are considered the national instrument of Spain. They inspire atmosphere and romance to Spanish music and dancing. They have the power to reach out with their flexible personality to audiences in every corner of the world. Each pair of castanets travel with their personalised wardrobe. Stunning dresses accessories, head ornaments and dancing shoes all designed with style and grace to complement their handlers performance.

Castanets are a simple instrument they are made of wood tied together with a piece of string. They hide deep mysteries and stories of many passing years, but today they are modern and young at heart and their clicking invites us to get up and dance! ( to get up and fly !!!!! yes/no) I feel honoured to have been able to enjoy this brilliant music “Intermedio” by J Gimenez including the superb Lucero Tena playing castanets in this outstanding performance.

Dianna Collen. 

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