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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 369 - Sona Sahakian

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 369 – Sona Sahakian
In the Hague Art Circle (Haagse Kunstkring) I saw the work of a number of new members, including that of Sona Sahakian. I saw paintings within a painting, with frames around them, with botanical scenes in which a human head could occasionally be seen.

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Sona Sahakian was happy to explain her work. It is about a search for the inner experience of time, she says. Sona: “I make memories such as fixation and transformation tangible. It is about transience, the cycle of human existence and the dialogue between man and nature. Presence and silence play an important role in this. If you let it sink in well, you will experience a transformation of our reality and you will feel that your consciousness is strengthened.”

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Looking at the soul
She places her work in a broader social context. “In our digital age, there are many opportunities that provide new knowledge. At the same time, we can feel overwhelmed by that flow of information. It is so large that it can influence our emotional life. People strive for success and a career, but do not realize that happiness is not outside, but within yourself.”

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We have forgotten to look at ourselves and our souls. “We lose contact with ourselves. If we don’t return to our inner home, to the depths of our soul and consciousness, it starts to get chaotic and dusty. When we enter our inner reality, the doors open in our mind. This leads to a creative, re-evaluating and inspiring view of reality.”

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Stimulating sensory experiences
Sona wants to stimulate and awaken the imagination and sensory experiences in her art. “In the traces of the past I breathe new life. That remains anchored in my memory and thus enriches my personal history.” In this way she wants to inspire people to make an inner journey by letting them really discover what the treasure chest of their existence is.

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Sona Sahakian grew up in a creative environment. Her whole family expresses itself creatively. “My parents are visual artists and film makers. As a result, I have been surrounded by art from an early age. I started drawing and painting as a child and have not stopped until today.”

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She graduated from the Visual Arts department at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Her work consists of paintings, drawings, collages, photographs, installations and films (video art). In recent years she has participated in several group exhibitions, competitions and virtual exhibitions.

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Photography and video art
Photography and video art have also become an important part of her art. “By working with film I make the awareness and transformation of time tangible. Time becomes dynamic and mobile, so that past, present and future merge and form a unity.” She has made a number of short videos such as ‘Glimpses of Hope’, ‘Balance’, ‘Everything Comes and Goes’ and ‘Oblivion’.

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Photography is another way for her to observe and record reality. “It’s an art form where you freeze a moment of time that instantly becomes the past, but at the same time you breathe new life into the present. This makes the events you have experienced more valuable and reliable. That gives you a different perspective on your life and influences the perspective on your life.” She recently exhibited her photos at a group exhibition in the Hague Art Circle.

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Finally, what is her philosophy?
Sona: “For me, art is like an endless roll of film in which a stream of impressions, emotions and feelings merge and form a unity. By immersing yourself in art, nature, and the practice of meditation, you can develop a more positive view of your life. My motto is: ‘Remember your past, dream about the future, but live in the now’.”
1) The frozen time, 15×11, Mixed media, 2) One day, 35×24, Mixed media, 3) Exhibition view Haagse Kunstkring, 4) Your inner home, 8×7, Mixed media, 5) Exhibition view 2, 6) Profile picture Sona Sahakian by Leon Daineko, 7) Photo exhibition, 8) The unknown, 30×40, Photo on dibond, 9) Part of the photo exhibition, 10) Film still ‘Balance’

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