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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 163 - Ji-Min Huang


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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 163 – Ji-Min Huang
Ji-Min Huang is working on a continuous art project “Infinite Memories”. For this she uses photography, drawings, sound and the way she perceives. Today the focus is on drawings in black and white.

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I saw her work at the exhibition “Wandering Light” in the WM Gallery. Beautiful organic drawings in black and white of what at first sight looked like ebb and flow, which were interspersed with the paper sculptures by Toshiko Takeuchi. Ji-Min deals with all sorts of aspects of the perception experience. Her drawings are landscape maps of emotions. The visibility in Ji-Min’s eyes is becoming less and less.

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The eye
With her rest view, she sees the world in a unique way. Ji-Min: “I look more and more with my other senses. This collaboration and conversion gives a lot of inspiration for my drawings, photographs and other disciplines.” The senses are at the center of her work. “In particular the visual perception and the perception process, the time, the archiving of memories, and more universal themes such as loss, life and love.”

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The drawings are made with charcoal, pastel, pencil, chalk, pen and ink. Usually in black and white. “Color is not important, color has no function in my drawings.” She sees it as a challenge to put something in her head on paper. She has an entire archive of subjects. “It is a mixture of realistic image and imagination, things that you have seen, heard, felt.” A while ago she visited ‘Micropia’, Observing on a microscopic level. “That fascinates enormously.”

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Key work
Her key work, which is also on her business card (No. 27, 2017, 110 x 80cm) is an example of this. It is a key work because it is a drawing on black paper.

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“It is a heavier contrast than if you work on white paper. White pastel on black paper works really well.” In the middle we see a round ball in black and around it white threads and foamy smaller shapes. “It is an enlargement of the process that takes place in the eye. I am happy every time I succeed. I can say a lot in it. It does not go smoothly. The drawing progresses little by little. I draw how I think it should look like. “

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For this exhibition she worked intensively with Toshiko Takeuchi for three / four months. “I got inspiration from her work. We sent each other photos by email. With the ideas we got, we worked very quickly towards the exhibition. “

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Immediately after Ji-Min graduated (at the Art Academy of Den Bosch, now Sint Joost) in 2002, photography was central. “When I was 10/11 years old I discovered photography. I also drew a lot. I made many portraits of my mother. You then had rollers of film where you could shoot 36 photos and I used them all. Later, after my graduation, I took those old photo rolls to the darkroom of the HKU Utrecht to print the photos of a roll that had not been printed yet – at the beginning and the end of a roll.”

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She was for a long time, more or less permanent in the darkroom. “I have done photo projects / exhibitions about minority groups in China, for example the Naxi culture and family relations.”
When we talk about her motto, she says “I do not stop and think about it when things do not work out.

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I try to give a positive spin. There are a lot of emotions in my drawings, I like that other people can get their inspiration out of that. That’s how they become their drawings as well. “

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