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 The pine needles tickled her and she opened her eyes.

Old father time had both his hands resting on midnight.

Christmas is here and she had so many things to do.

She flew with her magic wand tapping each fairy light.

Checking that they were fitting snugly and tight.

Until they all connected and the Christmas tree lit up.

She swung on a hanging golden bell and circled a crystal ball.

Scattering fairy sparkle over everything she could.

She slid down a candy cone and jumped on to Santa’s boot.

Ho!ho!ho! Santa cheered what do we have here?

The fairy from the Christmas tree has landed on my foot.

He cupped his hand swept her up and balanced her on his palm.

She danced like a shooting star in a cloud of fairy dust.

She danced so vigorously Santa was lost for breath.

He drew another and blew her a gentle kiss.

Mischievously she flew tangling up his beard she twisted his moustache and whispered in his ear.

I have a Christmas wish Santa to send all around the world.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Sparing a thought for the children less fortunate than me.

Lets join our hands together and pray for them to be in a happy safe place

just like you and I.

She flew from the tip of Santa,s hat to the top of the Christmas tree.

Where from behind silver tinsel she could peep to see.

The sparkle on the children’s faces gazing up a the twinkling tree.



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