Ballet teacher and what more?

Video of FAMA at the Concordia St Nikolaus Gala organized by Concordia on the 5th of December 2011

Manuela Veronese with her dance pupils

Ballet teacher and what more?
YES, this is what I do! I teach ballet, modern dance, choreography for all sorts of shows and I am pleased to work on any challenge I can get concerning dance performances. I am surrounded by children from the age of 2 to around 20 years old and many of them have spent many years in my school. So I cannot avoid  giving them more then just dance lessons. As I have mentioned before they learn discipline, all learning to share, to respect one another; to be helpful and over all to be kind and welcoming to new dancers.

They are encouraged to learn to perform in a group and what it means to be part of the group and have team spirit. The dancers who  perform in my shows during the summer, are taught that they absolutely need to train regularly to maintain their fitness, which means that beside the rehearsals, they have to exercise and suffer in the heat. There again they learn that constant hard training keeps  and improves their levels.
In some events they dance for free. In some events they get a present and in some other events, we receive payment for our efforts. All these are wonderful experiences. Twice a year we participate in big Charity Galas where we perform for free of course. But in those occasions, they learn to give and dance for children in need or sick and infirm people or to dance in the homes for the elderly.

Every time I explain to them in some detail what happens with the money the organizations receive at those events. Some of the money is sent to Africa to built schools for poor children, some of it is simply to pay for food, the basics of life food for needy people and sometimes we dance only to provide a little enjoyable entertainment in a party spirit to the elderly in the homes where they live.

With all those different events they experience at an early age that to give a most valuable lesson for life.

The last grand Charity event we participated in was the ST Nikolaus Gala organized by Concordia the 5th of December 2011. This was a perfect occasion to talk about Aids with my teenager students, as this organization does much work in prevention and to help people with aids.  So, in this occasion Concordia sent their psychologist and a nurse to my dance school after the Christmas show, and gave a little speech to our students about aids.

Again, what did we do? WE DANCED of course AND learned something that was very important about our sexual lives and the possibility of  terrible consequences if we are not informed and educated on all the possible dangers of this illness.

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Manuela Veronese

Manuela Veronese, Directora y dueña de la Academia Fama, Profesora de ballet y moderno, coreografa de espectáculos del Parque Acuático de Mijas, Animadoras de Club Baloncesto de Mijas, eventos del hipódromo de Mijas y diversos eventos puntuales en el Teatro Las Lagunas, Preparación para la carrera de bailarina, profesora de danza y modelos. Ha sido bailarina profesional y capitana de Ballet durante muchos años y ha bailado en muchos teatros importantes en toda Europa.

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