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The Children For Peace Onlus - To Come to Spain

Listen to their song “Corazón” and be inspired to help the Children !

The Children for Peace (ONLUS) is an Italian NGO founded with the express purpose of assisting children worldwide who are in need of fundamental survival support. Many studies and humanitarian reports have been performed, all of which have very similar findings. Despite the man-hours spent investigating the plight of these suffering children, there has been a lack of focus on the essential necessities that would allow these children to have the opportunity to change their conditions as well as the conditions of their immediate and future families. The Children for Peace (ONLUS) has taken on the cause of such children internationally and intends to pursue all possible avenues to provide them with the help and support that will allow for the best possible chance at a better future.

The President Debbi Mace

Children are caught in the wars of illiteracy, of armed conflict, of hunger, starvation, illness, and of isolation from opportunity. Although the task of remedying such situations is great, and often, to others, impossible, we know that the only way adversity is overcome is to confront it head-on and take all necessary actions to create change. It is with this in mind, that The Children for Peace was founded.

We recently received recognition from UNESCO for our work, of which we are very proud. The UNESCO link will take you to the publication.

All donations we receive go directly to the projects we help fund. We pay no salaries and no overhead except for annual fee paid to our accounting firm that files all documents required for the government in Italy. (Text From the Children for Peace)

My life is the children: the weakest, the most defenseless, the most innocent…but absolutely the most generous to give you smile! Their smile is my hope, our hope”.  Haregewoin Teferra

The Children for Peace ONLUS raised funds for Haregewoin to enable her to carry on with her loving work for these children. Haregewoin Teferra left us 0n March 17, 2009, but her work continues through her daughter. She will be dearly missed. 

The Vice-President Lamia Kashogghi at Rome Gala

The Vice- President Lamia Kashoggi attending a Gala in Rome for the charity with Maria Grazia Boscolo; Vittorio Sgarbi and Roberto Boscolo.

The Children for Peace Annual Charity Gala Dinner Rome December 3 2010.

The event was held at “Spazio 900“, presented by Paolo Conticini with Marisa Berenson as Godmother of the evening. The gala was a huge success. The guests were phenomenal. Los Vivancos performed and Chaka Khan sang to standing ovations. The guests did not want to leave and while the tables and chairs were being removed at 2am, the guests were still chatting with other. The venue was donated to us by the Spazio 900. We had about 300 guests. We were saddened by the guests who could not join us due to snow in London! We had two gentlemen from Iraq, one from Lebanon. We had guests from the US, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Abu Dhabi, and Colombia to name a few of the countries represented.- Debbi Mace

The motto and daily mantra of The Children for Peace is “We will not give up, we will not give in, and we will not lose.”

 Next Event – Spain – The Children for Peace
Charity Gala Dinner date and Venue to be announced! 
Dario Poli


Dario Poli the composer of the music “Corazón” is also a keen supporter of The Children For Peace charity along with Costa del Sol’s  leading  photographer Paul Wilcockson L.M.P.A, who took the superb photos and created the video for the charity.   

Dario and Paul have both been inspired by the determined effort and commitment of the President Debbi Mace and the Vice-President Lamia Kashoggi. and

 The Children for Peace Onlus supporter Paul Wilcockson with his daughter Natalie.

Paul Wilcockson

Dario Poli

Composer, artist, and a published author and illustrator. He is initiator of the campaign to present a better image Internationally, of Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Composer of the music "Marbella Marbella" used as the anthem of the campaign and also many other recorded compositions including Nostradamus, and Corazon, for The Children for Peace Onlus charity in Rome as well as the co-author of the powerful musical drama Lady X and The Power of Destiny. He is also the editor and a founder member of this website.

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