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A Message From Australia By Dianna Collen


 I had just finished cutting my lawn on a perfect Australian day when I found myself gazing at my orange tree, which reminded me with  affection of Spain. My thoughts wandered to the summit of the spectacular mountain of La Concho where I stood and gazed across to the the glamorous port of Puerto Banus. Looking down I could see the Mediterranean sea and the town of Marbella. I had spent hours rambling through Marbella’s friendly winding streets looking in exclusive shop windows where I had spotted the most beautiful pair of brown leather boots which are greatly admired in Australia! I also discovered my favourite treat, crystallised orange skins coated in chocolate! I remembered the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, tempting me to step inside the charming restaurants serving shrimps and mussels made with the finest ingredients used in the art of making secret recipes for the famous dish “ Paella” I could hear the russell of fabrics from dancing twirling skirts, guitars playing and clicking castanets.

I was completely lost back in the town of Marbella when the phone rang. Feeling it to be an annoying invasion I ran to answer it. A friend called inviting me to join him for a flight in his aircraft along Palm Beach on the north coast of N.S.W.situated just north of Sydney. I  was looking forward to spending time at home relaxing after my Spanish trip as I had plans shortly to join a group of people going on tour into the Australian bush, but how could I refuse? His aircraft was named “Monkey Business” it was a white two seater light sport aircraft. I closed the hatch tightly down fastened my harness and tucked the mouth piece neatly against my lips. After hatches and harnesses were checked we taxied to the run way ready for take off. ”Monkey Business” upped its tail and leaped into the air.

The cockpit was mostly window allowing us to enjoy splendid views along the rugged coast with golden beaches stretching for miles. The waves feathered lace like patterns washing away footprints left indented in the sand. Under an umbrella of sun glasses, straw hats, block out creams and tiny bikini’s, bodies lay sun bathing in the baking heat. Life guards watched  for people in danger and for sharks approaching to close to shore. Jet ski’s circled like puppy dogs chasing their tails, and surf boarders on the crest of a wave practised their balancing skills hoping to achieve a top score of 10 out of 10. Boats like small dots at the point of their wake pulled skier’s flying, jumping over the waves. There were children riding horseback on brightly coloured blow up water toys, and out at sea fishing trawlers swiftly accelerating back to shore.

“Monkey Business” rolled swooped down wiggling its wings to say hello. We got thumbs up from the crew below and could clearly see that they had a pleasing days catch.
I found I started to bond with “Monkey Business” I learned the aircraft responded easily to the slightest touch of the joy stick keeping its wings straight and on track was no effort.

I was intrigued to find out how much an aircraft like “Monkey Business” cost, fuel for an average days flight, hangerage and hidden maintenance costs, when I did I nearly fell out of the sky! Our trip had been so much fun I was pleased I had accepted my friends invitation viewing an Australian beach from the sky was an amazing experience. I also realised how much I enjoyed defying gravity!

My memories of Marbella in Spain will never be lost, the images I have will always be mine reminding me of the paradise I found far away on the other side of the world.

Author Dianna Collen writing from Australia

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