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Winter depression? NOOO! Planing the summer? YEEES!

Manuela Veronese with some of her dancers

Manuela Veronese with her happy dancers

Winter depression?  NOOO!  Planing the summer?  YEEES!

What do we have to do after Christmas with the beginning of the new year? Loosing weight, doing sports, stop smoking……………………
I’ll tell you what I do. I don´t think we shall impress ourselves by doing things better only because a new year has started. Let’s think positively and look forward to the next  wonderful event in our lives and work something out that’s a little special.

For me it is quiet easy, as my job  is full of dates, where I have to present a new performance. But I really believe we can transport this into our normal day to day living as well.  What is happening in the very next future? A birthday, a holiday, a new course….. Think about it and look forward to it. AND transmit this to your children if you have any. And there we are again! CHILDREN! Here my job starts again.

I try to work hard in my dance classes with all the students and pretend to prepare together with them beautiful shows that will enchant our audience. As all this needs time and training and a lot of effort,  as without it we cannot achieve perfection, I try to get the kids with the right attitude to understand that we have these wonderful few months before the summer to prepare for this. You must remember that children now a days are not used to work hard for something and that certain skills are only achieved after going through a certain process. So, lets help ourselves and be a perfect example to our children  working with enthusiasm and positive thinking, so they learn to do good exams at school, and be the best in their hobbies. There I enter again. If I achieve that, my dance students share with me the hard work and illusions to produce wonderful shows, then I have done a good job. AND they will enjoy the wonderful satisfaction of having done or participated in a great event.

So, you can expect this year new productions, new coreographies, new costumes, new ideas from the Academia Fama, because I am full of energy and willing to work on new projects with a wonderful team of well prepared and educated students.


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Manuela Veronese

Manuela Veronese, Directora y dueña de la Academia Fama, Profesora de ballet y moderno, coreografa de espectáculos del Parque Acuático de Mijas, Animadoras de Club Baloncesto de Mijas, eventos del hipódromo de Mijas y diversos eventos puntuales en el Teatro Las Lagunas, Preparación para la carrera de bailarina, profesora de danza y modelos. Ha sido bailarina profesional y capitana de Ballet durante muchos años y ha bailado en muchos teatros importantes en toda Europa.

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