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Kasser Rassu Exhibition For Harriet Nilsson In Marbella


My artistic path has taken leap steps in different stages of my life. As a photographer many years ago I developed skills and trained my eye for the complete picture that later also served me well as an interior decorator. My favourite time was always the developing process, with the music blasting in the dark room while I was rocking the liquids while the photographs emerged like magic in front of my eyes. This process always gave me a feeling of surreal creation.


It’s the same soothing motion the sea gives me when I walk the beaches.
The energy from the never-ending motion of the sea is captured in the pebble stones and you feel this healing energy like a calming and peaceful source.
IMG_1239Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my intention is always to capture beauty as I see it and my message in each piece is exactly that, whether it is beauty of strength or individuality. I make my pieces with the intention not only to bring beauty into your home but also to bring that healing energy into your life.
I write poetry and “string of words” as I call it, to go with each piece of art I make. Words of beauty and wisdom to give a message or provoke the viewer to find his/her own message in what they see.
The integration of the two art forms is a new path that I feel very strongly is marking my integrity; they are all part of me. The uniqueness of using both stones and photographs is my trademark.

It’s only in this last year that I found the confidence to fully “go for it”.  It never occurred to me I could make a living out of doing this. Until after coming back to Spain and having a financial war to get back on my feet after a tough separation I one day simply surrendered to do what was in my heart. I wrote a book last year and started to work on my art full time, aiming for my first exhibition. I’m planning to have my book published this year and the fruition of my art work is at display at Kasser Rassu gallery in Marbella throughout February with an opening night on February 8th 8pm. My spiritual path in the last couple of years has taken me to higher grounds and given me a complete new inner confidence. I can happily declare I’m living my dream with love and peace.


Harriet Nilsson

hariet 2

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