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Christmas is soon over us!


Gunilla Pedersen as Santa and Xmas Friend

Christmas is soon over us!

Christmas is soon over us, and everybody is preparing their holidays. If you’re thinking of going away and your animals are not going with you, you need to prepare everything in advance. The kennels are often full over Christmas, so you need to book as early as possible to make sure they can take your pet. If it is the first time your dog or cat goes into kennels, it is a good idea to have a look around to make sure the place is of your liking. The owners should let you in to see the cages, so you can make sure for yourself everything is clean and apt for animals. Depending on how long you are going to be away, and how many animals you have got, you may opt for having somebody coming to your house to look after your animals, it can be a very good idea as especially for cats as it will reduce the stress, and lessen the risk of catching an infection. Dogs going into kennels need to be vaccinated against kennel cough as it is a very infectious disease, and once they’ve got it, it can take up to 6 weeks to get rid of.

Remember not to vaccinate last minute, as the body needs some time to produce the antibodies; the ideal is at least two weeks before.  Another thing to take into account is if the animal is used to be away from you, I always advice owners to make sure the animals can be on their own. If you for example have a business at home, or you are retired and spend most of the time at home, the dog will get extremely upset and anxious if you suddenly disappear for days, say, for a routine operation or a needed mini break.

Therefore, it is a good idea to leave the dog at home by itself once in a while and not take it with you everywhere. It is also important, when you get home again even if you only been away for minutes, not to make a fuss of your dog, the best thing is to ignore him for a couple of minutes until he has calmed down. If you make a big deal out of leaving and coming back, he will as well!

We wish you all, four – and two legged ones, a Happy Holiday. 

Gunila Pedersen

Gunila Riemann Pedersen, 32 years, studied at the Royal Veterinary and Acricultural University in Copenhagen. She has got 5 years of experience in small animal medicine and exotics, and does some work with horses as well. She uses acupuncture in small animals and horses, and has taken courses in small animal odontology. Her daily work includes internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. She speaks spanish, danish, english and german.

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