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The Children For Peace - Festa Italiana - RAI 1

 Caterina Balivo of RAI UNO TV

Italian TV programe on the fundraising  work done by The Children for Peace ONLUS.  

Lamia and Adnan Khashoggi, Montserrat Caballe and Debbe Mace

Lamia and Adnan Khashoggi with Montserrat Caballe and Debbi Mace

Since Paul Wilcockson and I met Debbi Mace the President of The Children for Peace  Charity in Marbella early this year, the organzation led by this dynamic lady and her Vice- President Lamia Khashoggi, is growing from strength to strength in its good work to help children in need.

The video above is the most recent of the charity’s gala events to raise money for the children, and this Christmas gala held in Rome was hosted by the ever popular and attractive Rai TV presenter Caterina Balivo, who along with Sofia Loren and many other distinguished guests and celebrities, attended this prestigious gala. The video from the programme Festa Italiana is in Italian, but its quite easy to see what the charity is doing to raise more funds.


Montserrat Caballe received La Gran Croce from the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano

Kledi Kadiu

In Rome in December of 2009, a benefit gala was held for The Children for Peace ONG. Montserrat Caballe was the star of the event and received La Gran Croce from the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano. Montserrat is a strong supporter of the ONG. Sofia Loren made a surprise appearance at the gala and said she embraced The Children for Peace ONG. Lamia and Adnan Khashoggi led the procession of VIPs and Italian celebrities in attendance. This year Spain is represented by Eduardo Sanchez of Hola! Spain, Los Vivancos and Ana Obregon.
The Children for Peace ONLUS is an Italian NGO founded in 2005 with the express purpose of assisting children worldwide who are in need of fundamental survival support. – children caught up in the wars of hunger, of starvation, of illness, of armed conflict, of illiteracy and of isolation from opportunity.
The task of remedying these situations is great, and often, to others, impossible, the supporters know that the only way adversity is overcome is to confront it head-on and take all necessary actions to create change. It is with this in mind, that The Children for Peace was founded. Furthermore all donations they receive go directly to the projects.  It has many supporters world wide including Sofia Loren, Richard Gere, Montserrat Caballé ex US President Bill Clinton, scores of well-known celebrities, aristocrats and NGO’s of International companies.

The Children For Peace  recently received recognition from UNESCO for their work, of which they are very proud. All donations received go directly to the projects they help fund. They pay no salaries and no overheads except for annual fee paid to our accounting firm that files all documents required for the government in Italy.

The motto of The Children for Peace is “We will not give up, we will not give in, and we will not lose.”

“Corazon” music for The Children for Peace ONLUS

David Mairs and I, are proud to be in some way associated with the great work the charity is doing in its aim to relieve the suffering of children in this world. I am happy that my music “Corazon” with fine lyrics by David Mairs, presented in a photo slide show by Paul Wilcockson,  is being used by The Children for Peace, to help raise awareness of the work of this excellent charity.  It can also be viewed on this site .

Dario Poli

Article by Dario Poli 

Dario Poli

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