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Amsterdam, a City of Mysterious Signs and Signals, Brought to Life by Composers Dario Poli & David Mairs


Article By Meeli Koiva.

Amsterdam, a City of mysterious signs and signals brought to life by composers Dario Poli & David Mairs
I really enjoyed the promotional video of Amsterdam as  the music and the lyrics of the musical were naturally interwoven and effective.

It reflects the visual innovative imago of Amsterdam rooted in the history of art, its free spirit and architectural touch. The present time also reminds me of the legend of three mysterious crosses that are represented on the flag of Amsterdam.

Meeli Koiva

Meeli Koiva


It brought back my memories of the unique, dreamlike atmosphere of Amsterdam: mysterious birds over the canals, artistic meetings, mystery of culture that can vaunt its art and architecture that form its historical power of attraction.

All this, and the fact I met a mesmerizing man in Rijks Museum looking at the painting of The Threatened Swan by Jan Asselijn, and this moment inspired me to create something special by light connecting some new energy carriers over the canals inspired by dreamlike birds, links and inspiration from history and innovative art.  My idea is to show signs and signals from the history of Amsterdam crystallized by innovative technologies.

I have a plan to invite Dario back to Finland to discuss about our new collaboration project: art and music.

Dario succeeded in his acclaimed performances with his sister Delia in Finland many years ago,  now I know it is time to start a new collaboration.

Dario is a brilliant multi-talented: artist, musician, composer, illustrator, and manager. In a word, a connector of different creative domains as a renaissance humanist.
His idea is to show the power of creativity as a power in the universe that could make changes in our minds and make the our world a better place.
He has created many different projects, such as” Lady X and the Power of Destiny,” a stunning and original two act musical drama based on the life of the late Diana the Princess of Wales.

Then the well known Marbella campaign to help restore Marbella’s  image,  music for the UNESCO recognised charity “The Children for Peace ONLUS “ in Rome, and the popular website “Marbella Marbella Adelante” in order to connect creative persons:

Not satisfied with all his many works and achievements,  now he and his composer friend David Mairs,  have embarked on an audacious musical creation with a  new musical  about Amsterdam that links Marbella to the great Dutch historical City,  by the use of music titled “Amsterdam the Musical.” – Meeli Koiva.


Meeli Interviewed by Media

Meeli Koiva Interviewed by the Media


The link below is in Dutch and is the very first article produced in Holland about the composer’s  Amsterdam musical and is written by author. Walter van Teefflen.


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