Diary of an Accidental Psychic

Diary of an Accidental Psychic’ is a beautiful collection of true stories that will not only give you, the reader, an insight into the magic and power of divine intervention but also challenge you to a new way of living; unveiling the secrets to conquering your mind and strengthening your heart – the source from where all pure and peaceful living begins.

Each one of us arrives here with a purpose. The universe – all that surrounds us – contains the signs we need to find our true path in this life.

‘Diary of an Accidental Psychic’ is the perfect guide to help you along your path to enlightenment, drawing you closer to your signs and more in-tune with your true self.

We all have purpose, we all arrive with gifts.

Within the pages of this book, magical truths are found. In opening our hearts to Divine love our lives will change, moving from a place of doubt or fear to a life of peace and trust.

Wherever we are on our path, it is my belief that we are exactly where we are meant to be. Once we hold that trust in our hearts, we can overcome our difficulties.

new-photos-mark-and-suzie-065black-305x458‘Diary of an Accidental Psychic’ presents a true reflection of life. There will be times when we are challenged, when we feel pain. It is in reconnecting to the Spirit within each one of us, that we will build an unconquerable trust in that all we truly need, we already have been given. We are all loved.

Though each story is unique, what is true to all is the profound love of Spirit and the undeniable healing that is available to each one of us.

I invite you dear friend to share in these beautiful true stories with me, to allow Spirit into your life today and to open your heart to a wonderful balance of love, trust and peace that will flow each day into your unique life.

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“Slowly I started to see my light.

I started to see that in this, my mirror, was a beautiful person,

That all the fear I had was just an illusion and it was my fear which was trying so hard to keep me frozen.

Then, in my divine moment, I felt peace inside me for the first time in my life.

I had finally made it; the lessons now all made sense;

I finally let go and accepted me for who I was.

It was that easy, yet my mind made me believe I could never do it….

But I did it !”

From ‘Diary of an Accidental Psychic’, by Mark Bajerski

© 2013 Mark Bajerski – Psychic, Tarot Master & Prama Energy Healer Tarot Readings Costa del Sol Malaga Marbella | ProPhoto Photography Blog by NetRivet.
Mark Bajerski
International Psychic/ Healer
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Mark Bajerski

They call him The Accidental Psychic. Mark lives and works from the heart, which is immediately evident to anyone who steps into his energy.

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