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Marbella Marbella Adelante welcomes Meeli Koiva-Mery Crystal Ra - An artist in glass

Marbella Marbella Adelante has over time, attracted the attention of unusual and individualistic talents to its pages, enriching the quality of the contents, as well as providing and introducing our visitors to a varied and interesting experience created by the contributors who make up our team.

Meeli Koiva-Mery Crystal Ra

So it was not without some sound foundation, that International author Mike Al-Amiry, described this site as “A safe haven of arts and culture” which sits proudly as part of our heading. Therefore as the editor of this site, I am truly delighted to present to you and welcome, an outstanding Internationally renowned artist and soon to be contributor, who will shortly grace our pages with her artistic imagination, ideas and stories of her work.

She is world famous artist Meeli Koiva, who also uses the artist name Mery Crystal Ra, a glass sculptor, painter and lighting artist. She has been examining the possibilities of combining glass and light to extraordinary pieces of artwork for already more than 25 years, thus being a pioneer in this area. She has created her highly innovative work of art in Europe and in the USA for private residences and public buildings.

The philosophy of Meeli Koiva’s work is a constantly changing glass environment via innovative glass and light art. Luminosity, spontaneity and motion are qualities that immediately come to mind when viewing the abstract work of Meeli Koiva.

The components of water, shadow, reflections and light are integral to Koiva’s works.
The philosophical questions about ephemeral-permanent through our lives. Profound sense of freedom, energy/synergy between people, power/passion, flexibility and depth.

Meeli Koiva’s glass sculptures often create the illusion that the space around them is constantly transforming. This impression is achieved thanks to her vigorous use of innovative materials and technologies. Keeping up-to-date with the research results in the glass industry gives a fresh feel and new sensitivity to her sculptures. The artist’s masterful use of the interplay of graphics and colour gives a result with a unique handwriting.

The light feeling of Meeli Koiva’s works is achieved by long testing and experimenting. Meeli Koiva’s glass and light sculptures and glass paintings/glass printings are born through every-day cooperation with the world’s leading glass producers and lighting companies, with scientists and engineers.

Her last years most famous innovative glass-light sculptures were created for the European Parliament main building exhibition in Brussels, Belgium 2006 and the Glaston Corporation headquarters in Finland, Tampere 2009.
Meeli Koiva has earned a reputation as one of the leading glass-light innovators, widely acclaimed for her unique graphic, line quality and use of colour.

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Saatchi online:
Mery Crystal Ra:
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Dario Poli

Composer, artist, and a published author and illustrator. He is initiator of the campaign to present a better image Internationally, of Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Composer of the music "Marbella Marbella" used as the anthem of the campaign and also many other recorded compositions including Nostradamus, and Corazon, for The Children for Peace Onlus charity in Rome as well as the co-author of the powerful musical drama Lady X and The Power of Destiny. He is also the editor and a founder member of this website.

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  • Raivo Lott

    A lovely and wonderful article about innovative artist Meeli Koiva- Mery Crystal Ra. Dario Poli is a great master to paint a portrait!

    • Thank you Raivo, It was very easy to write the truth about someone so talented and obviously dedicated. The information part of it was presented by Meeli. We are proud to have her with us and appreciate your support of her fine work. Having spent a few years in Suomi Finland as a young man I can see strength and individuality of her character shinning through.
      Best regards and Kitos

  • Fantastic article… which will get you excellent coverage with the glitterati of Marbella.
    The Marbella Marbella website has become very famous for it's contributors and the articles they have on there. Dario Poli presides over the website to ensure that high standards are maintained. Dario is himself an artist and composer so has an excellent eye for new contributors who can add excellence to the site.
    In adding Meeli he has now brought in a new dimension – I hope it creates lots of new business for you Meeli…
    Kindest Regards

  • Michael Kirtley

    A fabulous article about an amazingly gifted artist. Bravo to Marbella Marbella for bringing deserving light to the artwork of Meeli Koiva. There is no doubt people will be talking about her artwork decades into the future!

    • Thank you Michael for your valued comments about Meeli’s art. It is indeed great art involving remarkable technical skills and imagination.
      We are also pleased that you enjoyed our presentation on the Marbella Marbella site! Dario

  • Meeli is a real inspiration for every young artist and designer. I consider myself as one of the fortunate ones to know her and her work is not just a piece of art, but it's filled with expressions and emotions.


  • Meeli's work is so awesome and I am looking forward to interviewing her next week for our radio show. I know that it will be an amazing interview with her.

  • Meeli Koiva

    Thank you for the great article, Dario!

  • Meeli Koiva

    To all the nice people who have written such fine comments about me and my work, I thank you all and hope you will visit this site and see me and my work again.And Dario Poli is just super!

  • Jaan Tammerik

    Congratulations Meeli, very very wonderfull work as always!! You hands and you mind works as a sinfhony for our eyes!! We need create a project in Brazil!!

  • James Wood, Ph. D.

    An excellent article about a brilliant artist and wonderful human being. I have known Meeli for several years, and besides being an amazing artist, she is a wonderful woman.

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