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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 295 - Kurdestan Kamalizadeh

kurdestan MB 1-, LK

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 295 – Kurdestan Kamalizadeh
I first met Kurdestan at the Halina Zalewska exhibition in Galerie Sanaa in Utrecht. Zalewska made live drawings there of the twin cities – Warsaw 1945 and Aleppo 2016.

kurdestan MB 2-, LK 1

Almost unnoticed, Kurdestan took photos of the visitors who came to see Zalewska’s work in the making. Not long afterwards I received a message that Kurdestan had created a virtual museum (gallery) together with Rianne Heijmans, in which you could wander between photos by Kurdestan and drawings by Rianne. It is not without reason that the website is called ‘Squared Image’ (Beeld in het kwadraat).

kurdestan MB 3-, Little Boy 4

A correct picture
They set up the site together with the artist and website builder Emile Zeldenrust. It had been a process of more than a year. Now that the virtual museum is there, they are satisfied and proud. In the virtual museum, just like in a real museum, there are varied exhibitions. On January 1, 2018, the first exhibition, ‘Little boy’ ended and the next one began.

kurdestan MB 4-, Little Boy 3

I speak to Kurdestan and Rianne in café-restaurant Het Gegeven Paard in Utrecht, quite popular judging by the crowd. When she was young, Kurdestan drew a lot, she says. “It always turned out to be faces. I like to observe. There has been a gradual development in which the drawing of faces, which became more and more refined, turned into the photographic capture of them.

kurdestan MB 5-, Little Boy 2

Kurdestan: “There is so much to see of someone. I read a lot from someone’s attitude. I prefer to make myself invisible, so that people come into their own. I want to record what someone radiates, what someone stands for.” To achieve this, she usually spends a long time with someone around. “So long that the person doesn’t notice it anymore. Then I usually get the best images. I am happiest when I can see that my image matches the person I have in front of me.”

kurdestan MB 6-, Little Boy 1

They started the virtual museum from the need to make Rianne’s drawings and Kurdestan’s photographs ‘from under the bed’ visible. It was a way to inspire each other and keep the creative process going. And also to keep each other on their toes.

kurdestan MB 7-, K. Kamalizadeh

Learning everything yourself
Kurdestan has been photographing since she was 16. There are intervals when she does not photograph, but those periods are getting shorter. Initially she photographed analog, now she does it digitally. She prefers to photograph in black and white. “Then I get more to the essence. I have tried in color, but that ends up being too distracting.” She hasn’t had a photo training, she taught herself all of it. Kurdestan: “Over the last few years, the photo life has become more intensive, especially after I started the virtual museum project with Rianne – with the help of website builder and artist Emiel Zeldenrust. “
Over the years she has become more professional when photographing someone. “It’s quite an intimate situation, so it can sometimes take a while before you and the other(s) are relaxed.”

kurdestan MB 8-, Halina Zalewska 2

Key work
When asked about a key work, she shows a portrait of a child on her phone. It is a timeless photo of a modest girl, it could also have been taken in the 19th century. “I took the photo two years ago. It is the combination of lighting and her gaze that makes it successful. The girl goes back to the person she is. She is usually very expressive, that girl, but here she is authentic. ”
Just like Rianne, Kurdestan also has a normal job, she works at a capital fund. She knows Rianne from the time when they both worked for a foundation for the relief of war victims. They began to collaborate artistically and do so with enthusiasm, especially since the plans for the virtual museum were conceived and worked out. For the time being there will be various exhibitions at the site and soon the virtual museum would be physically on display in Belgium. That was in preparation.

kurdestan MB 9-, Halina Zalewska 1

Finally, does she have a nice philosophical conclusion? She has. Kurdestan: “Everything you do leaves something behind and what do you do when you leave something behind you? I once read in an interview: ‘Every time you give someone something positive, it is a building block for a better world.’ I fully endorse this and I am attentive to what I do. I am value-driven and look for that in others too. ”
1)LK, 2) LK -1, 9, 3) Little boy – 4, 4) Little boy – 3, 5) Little boy – 2, 6) Little boy – 1, 7) Kurdestan Kamalizadeh with a drawing of Rianne, 8 – 9) Halina Zalewska

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