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Attractive and Successful Shows!

Attractive and Successful Shows!

When we go out to see a show, whether its performed by professionals, amateurs or children, we are always waiting for a moment that is a little special to be  sure it was worth going out and spending our precious time in that event. I think I can tell you what it needs to produce an attractive and successful show.
To put a beautiful event together we first need to know what kind of an audience we want to perform to. So we can try and  estimate what kind of music, dance and costumes could give them pleasure.
We  always consider whether we are performing in the daytime or in the evening and if we have daylight or stage light.
We always make sure that we have a good number of artists who work  in wonderful harmony together. It always touches the audience more if the group is one unit.

If you have a fantastic artist, but he or she is not well integrated into the performing group, it is preferable not to have him at all. I only recently made this mistake again where I thought I absolutely needed that artist in my show. But I was wrong. She absolutely spoiled the harmony of the group and suddenly my dancers were working against each other and everybody only thought about their own contribution to the show. Everybody is a star within their group and the group is ever so strong if they really stick and work together.
People love to see beautiful and extravagant people and things.  So we have to try to have wonderful costumes and best makeup. If it goes with the show it should even be quite extravagant. We have to do so where others have no courage to do it. We must be special and different and we have to let our fantasy and imagination run free. Of course it often all depends on our budget. But let me tell you, with a little bit of fantasy you can do so much with very little costs and material.

Manuela Veronese

If circumstances allow that, we have to decorate the stage and create a beautiful picture for a start.
Everybody loves music. So we have to make sure to choose the right piece of music. Let’s find out whether the guests are sitting or standing, are dining or just having a drink and standing around casually, or if it’s a theatre, open air event, day or evening event.  So you can always start with some music to attract attention. Some events do not need to be presented and in some cases its actually the presenter who plays  a very important role in the show. And then hopefully you have the artists with the greatest ability and sympathy.
And let me tell you, you always notice whether an artist is on stage for money  or is doing his job straight from the heart. If you have artists who are artists with all their love,  success is guaranteed.

Another very important thing to note is the leading performer of the whole show must be a real leader, able to keep the group fantastically together and able to make them perform in their best form and condition.  This person has to be able to transmit  importance of doing the best performances all the time and that each artist believes in themselves and the beautiful show they are going to be performing in .

If all these points I mentioned are well considered and thought through, a show can  only work out perfectly.
This is how I always try to produce my performances and I think it somehow works.

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Manuela Veronese

Manuela Veronese, Directora y dueña de la Academia Fama, Profesora de ballet y moderno, coreografa de espectáculos del Parque Acuático de Mijas, Animadoras de Club Baloncesto de Mijas, eventos del hipódromo de Mijas y diversos eventos puntuales en el Teatro Las Lagunas, Preparación para la carrera de bailarina, profesora de danza y modelos. Ha sido bailarina profesional y capitana de Ballet durante muchos años y ha bailado en muchos teatros importantes en toda Europa.

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