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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 250 - Isabel Consigliere


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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 250 – Isabel Consigliere
At the ‘Il Segreto di Eva’ exhibition at Breed Art Studios in Amsterdam we saw, among other things, hands in wax with a hole in the palm of a hand. One hand looked like a man’s hand and the other a woman’s hand. Tiny pink and brown leaves could be seen in the holes. Was it a reference to the stigmata of Jesus or did it point to something else?
The works were made by Isabel Consigliere. Her work is centered on interiority, the most spiritual part of man and also on the world around him, she explains. “I also believe that in my works the need for magic and protection has been mixed with that of perpetuating the beauty of nature as much as possible, which I find fundamental for the care of our lives.”

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A dress of dandelion pappi
She tries to make the invisible visible. In this way flowers, vegetable materials and impalpable fabrics become a metaphor. “For example, who does not feel the need to feel safe, to have a comfortable cloak to protect us? And what better protection than a dress of dandelion pappi, light, warm, impalpable? Something very fragile, but powerful in our imagination, to protect a delicate but powerful soul.”

isabel consigliere – MB 3

And now we come to an explanation of the holes in the palms of a hand: “In the ‘Physis’ series, on display at the exhibition in Amsterdam, you see petals and flowers gush from wounds of anatomical sections, presented as reliquaries, to symbolize our interiority. It is the part of us that is most hidden and fragile. It reminds us that behind violence, noise and superficiality, to which we adapt every day, in us flows an original soul. One that makes us capable of feeling, creating, understanding.”

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Striking through beauty
Why is this theme so important for her? Isabel Consigliere: “I believe we need to remember that we and the world in which we live are inextricably linked, we interpenetrate. For this reason, we must protect it and care for it as we care to ourselves.”
She thinks artists need to ask everyone for food for thought. Also rather uncomfortable and painful ideas. “But the means to put them down is no longer with violence, often gratuit, with which many artists tried to shock the public. There was a historical moment in which this was necessary, now I think it is time to overcome that. Through beauty we can strike, if desired, even harder, and then heal.”

isabel consigliere – MB 5

Sublimazione, o della trasformazione delle lacrime 
Her key work is Sublimazione, o della trasformazione delle lacrime (2017) (Sublimation, or the transformation of tears). “It is the end point of a two-year research, in which I tried to make the impossible possible: to preserve real flowers, leaving them as natural as possible, but at the same time slightly transparent , because they became the materialization of one of the feelings that hurt us the most: pain. Their almost spiritual beauty offers the hope of a redemption, of a possible redemption.”

isabel consigliere – MB 6

Isabel Consigliere started as a set designer. “Then slowly, slowly, I turned to probe more and more feelings and to try to make them visible, always in the three dimensions. I started exhibiting in 2013 and, slowly, passing through different materials, I have arrived to today, where the relationship between art, life and nature has become essential.”

isabel consigliere – MB 7

Arousing emotion
Her philosophy: “I believe in the task of every artist expose him/ herself completely and honestly, giving the possibility to those who are not able to recognize in particular universal archetypes, to ask questions, to doubt, to rebuild.

isabel consigliere – MB 8

If a work of art succeeds in arousing a profound emotion even in one person, I believe it is a successful work. I believe that in order to be able to speak a universal language we must nevertheless search for our own personal experience.”


And she adds: “Our every action and reaction is influenced by our past, whether we are aware of it or not. We are all the result of emotional layers that follow one another since our birth and this influences our every action. Even talking about the emotions of others goes through ours. how to make a work that goes into depth, without us reflecting on our own deepest emotions?

isabel consigliere – MB 10

Images: 1) Physis #3 (2019), 2) Physis # 2. III, 3) physis #2 (part.), 4) ex semine (prunus amygdalus), 5) ex semine (juglans regia) part, 6) per la sopravvivenza 10-2, 7) PHYSIS 2015 , 8) PHYSIS (2015), 9)  per la sopravvivenza n°7, 10) sublimazione (o della trasformazione delle lacrime) pert.

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