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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 282 - Pipsqueak was here!!! & Ador

pipsqueak – MB 1

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 282 – Pipsqueak was here!!! & Ador
The O.D. Gallery shows the exhibition Ressources Naturelles with works by Pipsqueak was here!!! and Ador. The artists feel a strong bond with animal life and nature in general. In this exhibition they reflect on the disappearance of earthly raw materials and natural resources. They feel that ‘man is cannibalizing his own mother earth’.

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The Amsterdam duo Pipsqueak was here!!! makes work, mostly on recycled wood, about the relationship between man, nature and the animal world. Ador is a French artist who creates his own universe, filled with imaginary human-like characters, inspired by circus performances, current events and caricatures.

pipsqueak – MB 3

Love for nature
Pipsqueak gave us an explanation of their ideas behind their art and this exhibition. Pipsqueak: “We have a great love for nature in all its diversity. During our lifetime so many species have disappeared in nature. Of course, global warming has not completely escaped us. The felling of trees, pollution and the committing of over-exploitation in general are very dear to us.”

pipsqueak – MB 4

The central theme in their work is man’s relationship to nature and his own nature. “It is about the way in which we as humans act and deal with our living environment and the consequences this has for nature and its inhabitants. Most striking aspect of our work is the depiction of children linked to larger animals. Children, the next generation, is a responsibility of this generation. The bigger beasts are a different responsibility for us because we keep limiting their natural environment. ”

pipsqueak – MB 5

Incidentally, their message is not purely negative. It can also be seen as a call for commitment. “Natural resources can also consist of household waste and other products that can be reused.”

pipsqueak – MB 6

Portrait of a human or animal
Does Pipsqueak have a key work, a work that caused a change? That does not appear to be the case immediately. “There are a number of images or a recurring approach that are characteristic of our work. Usually there is a portrait of a human or animal or a combination in an environment that refers to the nuance within the subject at that moment. We have an arsenal of smaller graphics that we can combine in a variety of ways to give a twist to the story we outlined above. ”

pipsqueak – MB 7

In the current exhibition with Ador, Ressources Naturelles, images referring directly to nature have been chosen. “Nature has become mixed with our products and waste due to the increase in human input. The natural environment as we saw it before is no longer there. A discarded tin or a bag has become an indispensable part of that natural environment. While the city is nothing more than the new natural habitat of our animal species. Most of Ador’s works are made from the experience of the tree in a human character. How would you like to be sawn off by a tree by your ankles or to see your fellow sufferers turn into a wooden cupboard? ”

pipsqueak – MB 10

Street Paintings and murals
Pipsqueak, a male / female duo, got to know each other during their art training some thirty years ago. They attended what was then the Amsterdam School of Visual Arts, then located in the Lutmastraat in the Amsterdam Pijp. They then went on to work with exhibitions in the pub, street paintings and murals, galleries, companies and private individuals. “We are regularly allowed to attack walls inside and outside, inside and outside the Netherlands. Our artistic freedom and our story bring us closer and closer to what we really want to tell. ”

pipsqueak – MB 13

How would they describe their philosophy, if it is not clear already? “Our artistic philosophy is completely in line with what we feel and think. 30 years ago we worked with stencils and that is still a challenge today. Our techniques gradually change, just like the perception of the things that give rise to comment in our work. ”
They find it important that their work is about topics that matter. “Art for the sake of art is of course fun, but it is purely decorative or comfortable.”

pipsqueak -MB 14

Make something happen
Pipsqueak doesn’t just want to denounce human behavior. “We try to draw people in through a good, beautiful or pleasant image. In this way, the questions we ask ourselves can also arise in them. Also to make something happen in order to deal with nature and matter in a more positive way. This is somewhat different from Ador’s work, he knows how to portray a harrowing situation in a comical way. Black humor in a perfectionist jacket. His work is so refined and also leaves out all superfluous information. We can be jealous of that too. It is therefore a pleasure to have been able to organize this show with him. ”
1) Ressources Naturelles, 2) Secret identity 2020, 3) Juanito’s travels, 4) Jump bail, 5) Until death do us part, wood, 6) Fall,  7) King for a day, 8) Ador: Descendance, 2020, acrylique sur toile, 50×70 cm, 9) Ador, Tâche, acrylique sur toile, 70×50 cm, 10) Ador, À table, 2020, acrylique sur toile, 30×30 cm

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