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The Gala Fund Raising Event Held at the Valparaiso in Aid of F.A.M.A.

 F.A.M.A ‘s supporters enjoying the early part of the evening at the Valparaiso Restuaurant

 Meet the people whose hearts are in the right place!

Following on from my first encounter with the lovely dog Frieda I had found abandoned, and my consequent meetings with Pat Coleman F.A.M.A’s Principal and her team of worthy supporters, I was invited to join them at their annual fundraising event at the beautiful Restaurant Valparaiso situated on the Mijas road on Friday September 2. Though I arrived incorrectly dressed with a green jacket ( my own fault) I was still warmly welcomed by the almost 120 persons who attended and support this very worthwhile Charity created by Pat, to help abandoned and suffering dogs, recover and find good homes no matter how long it takes.

Pat Coleman, Dario & Jenny Gates

The guests who arrived were in appearance well turned out, especially attractive were the ladies in their beautiful dresses in black and white, holding the arms of their proud gallants; husbands and boy friends. Having spoken to several of the guests, I was impressed by the quality, devotion and interest in the dogs and the Charity. I was told several very touching stories about our four-legged friends.  

Left is Lisa Elkin with Pat & Other Super Volunteers

 Left is Lisa Elkin beside Pat Coleman the Principle of the shelter and other Super Volunteers

The Gala dinner was a very friendly, positive and cheerful event, with dancing, singing and no doubt quite few bottles of el vino consumed  by us all, as well as good food and service from the owner of the Valparaiso Raffaele Morelli who attended to all our needs. The evening raised over 2000 Euros; quite a tidy sum in these cash-strapped days. I was also told by Lisa Elkin that the shelter has to date, found good homes for over 80 dogs; quite a feat you must agree. Our dog friends will benefit from this great contribution from all the guests!

Pat Coleman wrote this to me this evening and sent me this photo that tells us the reasons why this FAMA shelter is so invaluable.

Hi Dario, this is Baby, she was thrown over our gate.

She is obviously very old, she is almost completely blind. However, having taken her to our vet for test, she has a strong heart, good kidneys and liver. Her teeth were dreadful so we had some removed the rest cleaned. Her nails were very longs so she had those clipped. She is now fully vaccinated. Many people would think it best if she were to be put to sleep, but  she is not ready for that. She is happy to go around the field with smells that are all new to her. The other dogs are kind and gentle with her. She enjoys her food adores her frankfurters, why would we want to put this girl to sleep. She will stay with us and live her life out. Thought you maybe interested in her as I spoke of her to you on Friday. Pat

 So on behalf of all of us dog lovers at “Marbella Marbella,” we salute and congratulate you all for doing what you do. Your hearts are in the right place!

Here is a recent photo of Frieda the abandoned dog responsible for bringing me to meet such lovely people! Dario

A Happy Frieda


Should you wish to give a dog a good home, help F.A.M.A  or donate any money to them?

They can be contacted at

Tel (0034) 620 354 885. Patricia Coleman. SMS no. 27067MX fama.


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