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Tomorrow - By Mara Lemanis



Tomorrow maybe
the sun won’t rise
but lie
quenched in ash;
Tomorrow maybe
the glaciers won’t stand
but pool naked
in water leaching their skin;
Tomorrow maybe
the seas won’t thirst
but hunger for land,
rising homeless,
gorging on
canyons, deserts, steppes
as fugitive oil curdles
earth’s compass
fracking the meridian.

Tomorrow we’ll grasp
at each other’s relics
and pray to the force
we think tends us,
guides us, defends us,
and ask it to take back
the oil, the land, the sun,
ask it to
shape us
in a ribbon
of opaline acid,
a spiral gleaming
with unforeseen life.

Mara Lemanis



Mara Lemanis

Biography: Mara Lemanis is a literary scholar. Her essays have been selected for 20th CENTURY LITERARY CRITICISM and are included in undergraduate student textbooks in the U.S.

She has worked as an archivist for Historical Preservation and with the IRC, assisting refugees in Oakland, California.

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