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Not an Island - By Mara Lemanis


Not an Island

You bear a grudge and a torch
It’s about freedom, you say,
I pursue life
I pursue liberty
that is my happiness,
consider, you say,
the lilies of the field
how they grow;
They don’t pursue, I say,
they do their bio
–That’s me, you say,
I do bio too
you can’t stop what I do;
I say you’re not an island;
–You daring me?
you can’t cadge what’s mine,
you say, I won’t let you;
You got yours, I say,
through a social contract
you, me, them
–I got it clear and free;
Eminent domain could free it
away, could clear your turf
–They’ve got no right;
They’ve got huge oversight
–I’ve got a natural right;
You’re not an island
–it’s a God-given right;
I say the sponges got it first
before the world was earth
and after them the horseshoe crabs,
you’ll have to fight the crabs for it;
–When did you ever fight?
I don’t fight
not independent like you
I’m with the social contract,
maybe the crabs can subcontract you;
–You think I’m gonna real-deal that?
To cinch the deal you take those crabs
to the top of Everest
–Like I take you to Lenin’s tomb;
it’s the evolution they’ve been waiting for;
–I’ll take them to a shark tank
Chip in, help us all get free
what’s a little sacrifice?
–What’s mine is mine
Imago Dei don’t sacrifice;
Egotism, bosom serpent
redeem yourself!
we hold these truths
in common…
–Not on your life–
It’s the Godly thing to do
–How would you know Godly?
It’s what we share;
–My contract is with God alone!
We are not an island

Mara Lemanis






Mara Lemanis

Biography: Mara Lemanis is a literary scholar. Her essays have been selected for 20th CENTURY LITERARY CRITICISM and are included in undergraduate student textbooks in the U.S.

She has worked as an archivist for Historical Preservation and with the IRC, assisting refugees in Oakland, California.



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