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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 16 - Pat Roche

Pat Roche - 1

Pat Roche – 1

World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 16 – Pat Roche
Patricia Nah (Roche) is a born and bred Singaporean who loves live, nature and the bright side of the human spirit. She is a believer in One Days.‘One day I’ll fly, One day I’ll paint, One day I’ll exhibit ….’

Pat Roche - 2

Pat Roche – 2

During a career in television, print and radio commercials in Singapore and around the region she started to develop her artistic sensibilities under the influence of directors and other artist. The last 12 years she began exploring various art disciplines from oriental to classical and contemporary western art.

Pat Roche - 3

Pat Roche – 3

Delicate brush stroke
‘I studied under the tutelage of Chinese master painters, like Lim Choon Jit and other other renowned artists in Singapore. I continue developing my art as well as holistic therapy and writing.’
Asked for the central theme in her work Pat Roche says: ‘My Art is an expression of my journey through life. My paintings are not themed. Rather they flow from me, expressing this life’s journey.’

Pat Roche - 4

Pat Roche – 4

Het early works were about capturing the stillness of the moment with a delicate brush stroke in Chinese ink. ‘I am working on a particular brush stroke that captures the vibrancy of colours, the flow and energy of movement and my love for nature.’
In the process of painting thoughts, words, a song and / or feelings influence her. ‘For instance, in “A boat under a ‘not so’ Sunny Sky”, I felt a strong urge to paint a boat expressing my need to escape from the daily grind of life.’

Pat Roche - 5

Pat Roche – 5

Freedom of expression
Generally, the paintings create themselves, she thinks. ‘But I can the see the possibilities of where it can go or where I would like to go. At the end of the day I want to be happy with the piece and hope others will be as well.’

Pat Roche  - 6

Pat Roche – 6

She grew up in what she calls a time of silence. ‘It went on into adulthood. From silence came my own World of words, music, dreams and yes at times horror movies that frightened me. As an artistic and sensitive child, it was difficult growing up as part of a generation in a country where art and freedom of expression was not appreciated. Freedom of expression is important to me in whatever form it takes. As it’s difficult sometimes to express inner thoughts in words, I choose to express myself through my art. I prefer to paint the brighter side of things and not to express a state of horror on a blank canvas that has to be looked at forever.’

Pat Roche - 7

Pat Roche – 7

Wings Unfold
‘The world has changed a lot since then … I look forward to seeing how it will evolve five years, ten years from now. For me it is challenging and exciting … There is so much to learn,explore, see and do.’
“Wings Unfold” she considers her Key Piece in her current series of work as it expresses her interest in energy and movement. ‘The birds represent my belief in freedom for all beings. Accidental stroke of soft white on the left feels like angel’s wings. Wings folding, unfolding … comforting … flying free, singing their freedom song.’

Pat Roche - 8

Pat Roche – 8

She was born into an artistic family. Her father, Lawrence Nah, was an English and Art teacher. Her mother, Cecilia, was a master seamstress and craftswoman. ‘From a Young age, we were creating clay pieces out of natural clay from the sea walls of Singapore, glazing it in the oven and presto! ‘My first tea set!’
A tiny house on a rocky mountain
Her personal and artistic philosophies are intertwined. ‘I mentioned my believe in One Days. I remember hanging up my dreams after my father passed away, then one fine day I just picked them up again. In some of my paintings , you might pick out a teddy bear, a tiny house under a tree or on a rocky mountain with a view. These are my favourite things.’

Pat Roche - 9

Pat Roche – 9

For seventeen years she ran her own production company, producing high-end television, print and radio commercials for the advertising industry in Singapore and around the region. In 2001, after a two-year sojourn in Bali, she returned to Singapore. ‘I came back with my family to rekindle my keen interest in the creative arts and my other passion of holistic energy work.’

Pat Roche - 10

Pat Roche – 10

‘Never too young, Never too old. Never too late and never mind the critics! This is my motto. A teacher once told me ‘Pat, why are you fussing with this painting? You’re never going to sell it! Then I sold it, my First abstract piece! It will work out just as long as we keep going, improving and evolving.’ 

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