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Exhibitions in Passau, Germany

Träger Erika, Eva Priller, Charo Carrera, Ernst Kraft, Rita Bronhold Loher & Huber Hubert) (Thüringer Georg Photo)

Ernst Kraft and Charo Carrera in the Priller Gallery Eva
(Eva Priller Photo

Exhibitions in Passau, Germany
Dutch artist Ernst Kraft, who has his regular studio in the centre of Malaga and Spanish artist Charo Carrera, are exhibiting their recent works in two galleries of Passau, Germany.
On December 6th the first part of the exhibition “Sturm und Drang” has opened in the Eva Priller Gallery , and on the 24th of the month the second part will open in the Produzentengallerie, both located in the ancient center of the city.
In the Priller Gallery the artists show their works on paper in various mixed media. While their differences are clear in their way of  treating themes and motifs, the show highlights the counterpoint of both artists in colour and drama (The “drang”, passion, as the title of the exhibition)
Kraft is represented by works of great graphic load, using acrylic as the main dramatic language on spacious supports made with pigments and waxes. Carrera exhibits her landmark series “Cartographies” interpreted with acrylic drawings, graffiti and varnish, and a series of unique serigraphs on paper and canvas, entitled “Searching”.
In the Produzentengallerie will be shown “Sturm”, (Storm) a project jointly developed by the artists in October, based on a tree found on the beach after a storm in the Malagueta beach.
This project was first released in Malaga with the title “Tempest” in the Gallery of Ignacio del Rio in November. Now it will be mounted again in this prestigious German Produzentengallerie, adding works made in the studio of artist in Passau over viewing the river Danube.
The opening was attended, among others, by Hubert Huber, president of the BBK (Association of Artists, in its German abbreviation), who made the opening speech, by Rita Bronhold Loher, director of the Culture of the city of Passau and Erika Trager, vice-mayor of the city, by fellow artists and others.

Ernst Kraft has been frequently welcomed on various occasions like other openings and official celebrations due to his land art project The stone labyrinth, realized in the emblematical “Ortspitze”, the peninsula where 3 rivers join: the Danube, the Inn and the river Ilz. In the photo we you can see the traces of the cobblestone maze left in the snow of this magic place…

Cobblestones Maze-Snow


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