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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 141 - Mansour Bakhtiar

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World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 141 – Mansour Bakhtiar
In Pulchri Studio I saw work from Mansour Bakhtiar hanging in a joint exhibition with works by Wanda Plantinga. On Bakhtiar’s paintings was a chubby woman with one big eye. A large curved sword was in her vicinity.
A few days later I visited Mansour Bakhtiar in his big studio at the Lange Beestenmarkt. The chubby woman was Eve, he says. Eve tempted Adam to eat from the apple tree. As a result, she becomes a rival of God. The Eve of then has since been looking for Adam to have a paradise on earth with him.

mansour – MB 2

Eve in balance
‘Eve in balance’, under this title the two major paintings were presented. What was special was that both works were hanging skewed. Mansour: “The paintings themselves are perfectly balanced in a horizontal way; on the first painting with a yellow line, on the second painting with a sofa. But they are hanging skewed. This shows that, within the circumstances, Eve tries to find a balance in her existence. Only that ‘existence’ is skewed.”
There is a dual impression: what is in the painting – and how the painting is hanged. Mansour: “As an artist, I would like to send a message, no matter how hard it is.”
Mansour paints very often naked women, also on these paintings. “A French artist rightly pointed out that the women on my paintings are never erotic. And that’s right. I only show their beauty. “

mansour – MB 3

Who is man?
People and relationships between people – that where Mansour’s work is about. “The feelings of a human being are very important. Who is man? That keeps me busy for years. To ourselves we look far too little,” Mansour believes. “We look mainly outside and little to ourselves. In what we experience outside, we reflect ourselves, but we do not really see who we are. “

mansour – MB 4

Hence the eye plays such a big part in his work. “The eye is the soul of the body. Through the eye, messages come in. In the beginning of my painter’s career, I made many portraits. In the eyes of those faces more and more a story began to come. I’m always busy with the eye. For the last 15/20 years I have had a great development, in which the content of the other is especially noticeable through the eye.
The Christian religion also has ‘the one almighty eye’. But there is no connection with religion in Mansour’s work. “It’s real to me, how it is. What do I see in your eyes and what do you see in my eyes? What is the message between us? Not only do I not depend on religion; I’m not interested in politics either. I believe in humans. Man is connected to everything: history, relationships, environment, culture. I try to show the inner of man in each painting. “

mansour – MB 5

Large canvases
Mansour has been a professional artist for 40 years. “Sometimes it was difficult, sometimes very easy.” He is autodidact. “I’ve always tried to figure out everything.”
He makes big canvases, the largest is 2.80 x 6.00 meters. “When I make big works, I think: “I’m walking in the canvas; then the message will come out better.”
He never knows what size he will give a work. “Usually it’s like this: I get an idea and I think ‘so and so it should be’. It gets sometimes very big.” He does not think if it will be sold. “I’m not thinking on that. I only know that the painting has to be made. “

mansour – MB 6

Mansour is a member of Pulchri. He has already had a few solo exhibitions there. This is the first duo exhibition. Except in Pulchri Studio, he exhibited in Amsterdam, PAN Amsterdam, Enschede, Den Bosch and Belgium. Next year, the intention is to be exhibited in Groningen, Germany and France.
We conclude with a philosophical thought. Mansour: “I want to paint and show you, the viewer, what I mean. Painting makes me calm. I try to convey that calm to the spectator.”

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