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“Tempest” Storm

“Tempest”, Storm

A Project  by the artists Ernst Kraft and Charo Carrera, on display in the gallery El Estudio de Ignacio del Rio, Calle San lorenzo 29, Malaga) Opening Thursday 15th at 20.00 h.

Painting Ernst Kraft

Photo Charo Carrera

Synopsis of the project: After the heavy storm and rain at the beginning of October the artists saw on the beach of Malaga, an uprooted tree along the waterfront.. . The storm has given it to the sea, and the sea just left it abandoned on the beach, that’s how things go… no signs where it came from… yet on the surface there were multiple lines, like drawings or cryptic writings, engraved in its red-brown skin..  Tracking the lines of these strange natural scriptures, all along the full length of the tree, made a fascinating and tragic portrait of life and death.

During four days the artists visited daily this sad dying creature, on the fifth day, the sky has darkened again. A deep mist covered all Malaga and its beaches, and they found the tree cut into pieces, prepared to be incinerated…

Several techniques were used to portrait this majestic being and its weary end:  such as photography, painting, mono-type and video..  like an “homage”  to an unknown sailor..

Project Tempest Charo Carrera

Charo Carrera, working the project

Project Tempest -Ernst Kraft.


Ernst Kraft

Ernst Kraft, working the project

Photography Charo Carrera

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