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The Belly Dancer

I have been dancing belly dance for over 4 years now, and I am probably not the right person to write about it, as I am not a professional dancer and some one else would more likely be able to write a  full essay about this wonderful dance. I agreed to write about it, because I hope it might encourage more women to join classes and be able to have fun as I do. I first had contact with belly dance at the gym I used to go to; the teacher was Moroccan and she didn’t really explain very well; she would do all these mad turns and feet movements but wasn’t able to tell US how to do it… I enjoyed it anyway and carried on; until I was so lucky to be able to join a dance class just 5 min away from where I live in Benajarafe.

Gunila Belly dancing

My teacher is from Benajarafe and teaches in Malaga and La Cala del Moral as well. It was quite a revelation to have someone to explain how to do the movements I had just sort of copied until then! My new dance class was quite advanced already, most of the girls in the group had danced for some years but my passion for the dance, and natural stubbornness (I can do this!) made up for lack in experience, and after a year I was more or less at level with the others. Our group soon started to dance at the local ferias, our lovely teacher made up more and more choreographies and we now have a quite extensive repertoire: veils, candles, cabaret fusion, percussion, and more. I also started dancing tribal belly dance 3 years ago in another dance school.

While the oriental belly dance involves being on your tip toes most of the time a bit like in ballet, in tribal dance we are  more in contact with the ground and do floor work as well, we are now working on a choreography with daggers which is fascinating! Since last year we have won a few awards, been dancing in theatres, chiringuitos, dance festivals and are already taking bookings for this summer coming! You obviously don’t have to take it that seriously if you start belly dancing just for fun, but it will keep you fit and you could surprise the spouse! Also, belly dance opens your ears to different music you might not normally listen to.

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Gunila Pedersen

Gunila Riemann Pedersen, 32 years, studied at the Royal Veterinary and Acricultural University in Copenhagen. She has got 5 years of experience in small animal medicine and exotics, and does some work with horses as well. She uses acupuncture in small animals and horses, and has taken courses in small animal odontology. Her daily work includes internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. She speaks spanish, danish, english and german.

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