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Meditation In My all White Atelier

Feuille qui vole by Meeli Koiva


How I work

Meditation in my all white atelier. All white room, white floor covered with white paper sheets, covered with my drawings, acrylic

Meeli Koiva

Mystery and magic, absurd, surreal issues, and energy / synergy between people are my favorite topics.

Collecting inspiration at the beach. Radical radiance running at the beach. Action painting, drawing, texting with friends, brainstormings.

I create abstract glass-and-light paintings, acrylic paintings, abstract watercolors, animated glass paintings and glass light sculptures where music is sometimes incorporated. I use different light effects lasers, LED lamps, and fibre optics.
Generally people describe my art as abstract modern, fitting into a futuristic city scape.

Why I do it?

It’s hard to describe why I do it — there is some unknown inner pressure to change everything. I am very sure that we need deeper meaning in this hectic, constantly morphing world. I try to add meaning through my art.

What inspires me?

Energy and synergy between people inspire me. Passion and power. Frozen sound at my seaside all white room and glass wall. Dreams, sleepwalking, floating on clouds (I often feel like I am floating, in my dreams and even while awake… I can float through the air, feeling mystery, magic, kinetics, rhythms, and music.)

What makes me happy?

Painting inside morning light, a white brilliance shining around at my seaside white atelier makes me happy. Meditation at the beach and meditation in the forests. But when I am enclosed for too long inside my atelier and thus inside my personal world too much, I always enjoy teamwork. It creates new approaches and new ideas. I really enjoy leading the processes, networkings, brainstormings, and reflections.

My favourite thing is creating animated glass paintings and animated glass-and-light sculptures for huge glass windows and surfaces. In my opinion this is the wave of the future.

What do the finished works mean to me?

Again I evoke the question about the ephemeral vs the permanent, and how other people are reflecting (or not reflecting) on this question. Is what I do a finished state of energy or continuing state of flow? I wonder at what point the invisible becomes visible. Sometimes it means that I have realized something truly unusual. Maybe there in these finished works some new level or some new hope. Sometimes I even feel euphoria.

Dreams for the future

I must continue to address the questions surrounding ephemeral vs permanent values. Pushing boundaries, asking questions endlessly. Asking deeper questions about existence. More unexpected exciting collaboration projects around the globe.

Recently I dreamed of an exciting and unusual project to create a monument to Africa; I am now following this dream around the world. I also have different exhibition and monument art proposals from Sidney, Sao Paolo, Qatar, and other exotic places. For me life is to create the new and innovative, to make beauty and magic for humanity and for one another, and to aim high. Signs and signals from the universe show me the future.

Messages are in the air. I am dreaming about more miracles.

My all white room is full of paper sheets. Soon they fly away, over the blue sea, over the horizon.

white paper sheets  
lying through
the glass wall
over the sea
the traces
wafting across
the mirror floor
into the wind


Parasite Beach Time Shift

Meeli Koiva aka Mery Crystal Ra
glass sculptor/painter, glass/light artist


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