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"Knowing Without Knowing" The Accidental Psychic

Knowing without knowing!

As I woke up just having finished a 3 day psychic and healing fair giving one to one Psychic Future Readings and Energy Healings all day and night, meeting some amazing people. I would love to share just one of many spiritual experiences which happened in these last few years.
A tall lady came to my stand and sat in my chair, she asked me in a deep Spanish accent for a reading, I began by placing my magical oil on her third eye, is magical oil which has over one hundred and fifty essential oils mixed together in a large bowl which also holds hundreds of rare crystals’, his oil is over two years in the making and my hands each morning for 5 minutes blasting energy which makes for a powerful healing oil and heart openers so to speak, Then I calmly asked her to put her left hand on my table to which I place my Right hand 3 inches over hers, I close my eyes and go into alpha mode, there lies a deep sensitivity with feelings that enter my whole aura and sensations that tell me where to heal or what the emotional issues are and so on.
I tuned into this kind ladies life and began to give information which all made sense and even though her English was not perfect she new exactly what I was relaying to her.
Then like a resounding clang her mother who was in the spirit world came through, when this happens to me I now know very clearly the difference between psychically tuning into your aura and picking out fragments of your life to spirit coming close, which in my case is my right ear that pops and a sound like a high pitch whistle then the hairs on my neck become sensitive and my head tingles, So going back to this lady, I had a message which was happy birthday which indeed was today and a Hugh apology for not being giving and supportive enough. After the tears of happiness and the beginning of letting go of her past issues with her mother she kissed me and left to go back to a stand she was working on, that night I slept like a baby and woke up the next morning to fall back asleep where I was given a bunch of flowers in my sleep. the flowers where white with a single rose in the middle, I immediate new the reading I gave this lady was not enough and the mother was asking me to do something else. So I took my beautiful daughter to school and then went to Mijas pueblo gardens to meditate as I do every morning, as I did I had a flash of white flowers with a single rose, it was like someone pushing a photo in my face accept this time it wouldn’t go. Thirty minutes later I decided to give up the mediation because this pushy mothers picture just would not go, so I walked my dogs and went for a coffee before leaving for the second day of the show, …so off I went to the show, Saturday in Mijas pueblo as everyone knows up here are two flower men in the small plaza, just as I am walking toward them, on the only day of the week that these men could be there right in front of me was a load of white flowers and right next to them is a bunch of roses so without thinking I asked for one white bunch and a single rose in the middle and like a flash my heart stopped racing and a peaceful air of happiness came over me. Not until I saw and spoke to one of my wife’s staff saying to me what a wonderful husband I was did the reality hit home.. there I was buying a lady I only meet once a bunch of flowers and then having to explain to my wife why … well I would have to sort that out later, so off I went to the fair in Malaga with a bunch of flowers in hand for a stranger I new nothing about apart for her persistent mother in spirit and also not having a clue if her boyfriend/husband was on her stall and more so what he would say or do for that matter. This is where it gets interesting, as I waited for this lady at her stand I court a glimpse for her coming towards me and then suddenly panicking, what do I say….., what if she gets angry, I was nervous …as she approached me she looked at me and took one look at the flowers in my hand, suddenly she burst into tears , she new exactly who had bought them, as I started to say why I had done this she stopped me and tearfully said : I new this was going to happen … not having to explain myself was so profound and magical all at the same time truly makes me understand that in some certain times in our life’s we need to know our family on the other side do listen and do care, at last my job was done and no sign of her pushy mother (he he)I then felt my work was done
I got home and told my wife what happened to which she to felt I needed to do this and for that I am the luckiest man alive, to have such an understanding and caring support makes me who I am and I know that I am blessed to have found my soul mate or earth angel and feel the need to share my love for her to you.

Part 5 is dedicated to Suzie Bajerski (one in a galaxy of stars.) till next time dear friends may you feel the love of your family and friends in spirit …for they are closer than you think.

Mark Bajerski 

Mark Bajerski

They call him The Accidental Psychic. Mark lives and works from the heart, which is immediately evident to anyone who steps into his energy.

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