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Psychic Experiences by Mark Bajerski


Mark Bajerski

You know when something so profound happens in your life that it takes your breath away! well since being lead into this field by the universe my feet haven’t touched the ground with psychic experiences happening on a daily basics and my calling seems to be with the most amazing people with equally amazing stories we have shared and here is just one of them…of course with the permission of people I now write about…

As I recall it was a lovely sunny Morning in Mijas Pueblo, as I opened one of two shops I own with my beautiful hard working wife Suzie , I felt my eyes pulling me toward a lady coming up the stairs heading straight for me, with a smile I greeted her and instantly new she was brought up the stairs to see the sign on my wall (angel and tarot readings), as I started the reading I felt a deep pain that could only be a loss of a loved one and as my cards spoke I picked up her wonderful husband in spirit and I continued with all that was needed to be said, as we spoke about why she married this amazing man who had lead her straight to me and seen the sigh for a reading I couldn’t help feel that there had been something I had missed, we kissed and said our goodbyes, ok so now heres where it gets interesting, while I pondered over what more I could have said, suddenly an angel bookmark fell off the top shelf and landed at my feet. My heart skipped a beat, I new this was the final message I had to give this lady but she had gone and the chances of seeing her again was slim in the height of summer and hundreds of tourists plus I couldn’t leave the shop full of customers either. I read the message on the bookmark which went along theses lines…MY DEAR LOVE WORDS COULDN’T SAY HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU .YOU ARE MY HEART MY STRENGTH AND MY LIFE, MY LOVE WILL NEVER DIE AND I GIVE YOU AN ANGEL TO WATCH OVER YOU AND ALWAYS KEEP YOU SAFE.

As I read this with tears in my eyes I had an powerful vision of Annie talking with my wife, but I said to myself she doesn’t know about our other shop, Then I felt an overwhelming urge to call my wife., Suzie answered the phone and I explained that a lady called Annie would call into her shop who has just had a reading with me and you will know who she is!  Suzie said within 10 minutes a lady came into our shop and headed towards Suzie. Annie was totally shocked when Suzie knew who she was, How Suzie new who to ask! Well that’s another story.

Annie hurried back around and I gave her the message and explained how it happened. Well you guessed it! We cried some more… and said our goodbyes. Wow the final piece of the jigsaw was in place and I now felt happy my job was done.

The universe is a magical place which pulls people in the direction of help. If not me, there would have been someone else that I am sure, but what interested me was, I had a complete confidence that Annie would be pulled towards my wife and my wife not having a clue, but did exactly what was expected of her. There lies a power beyond our understanding. Coincidence or not, this true story has burned into my soul and without question Annie’s late husband had played a huge role in this very special day….

I would like to leave you with this thought…if you have lost someone close then take comfort for there energy is always around you. Close your eyes and feel there presence for there are moments of complete amazement that can touch us when we need it most and when we least expect it ..May your life be filled with the joys of life and remembrance of happy times.. Forever

Till next time take care.

International Psychic and Healer

Mark Bajerski

Mijas Pueblo

Tel 649369009  Visit Mark’s website at 

Mark Bajerski

They call him The Accidental Psychic. Mark lives and works from the heart, which is immediately evident to anyone who steps into his energy.

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