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Nael Marar presents "The Concert" for Marbella Marbella Adelante

Scene of the French film The Concert

This is just magic, beautifully done and very enjoyable to watch The Concert was produced in 2009, Nael.

 It is the best Tchaikovsky Violin concert version I’ve heard. The orchestra out of tune and out of order begins, a chaos, but the concentration of the violinist captures the soul of the orchestra conductor and suddenly, the miracle produces Tchaikovsky being revived amid sounds to give us that ineffable melodic purity that was achieved through the virtuosity of concert.
The scenes were captures by excellent photography that expressed the intimacy of the artists during the show that hardly notice the audience.
The inspiration to chaos, a woman’s confidence overcomes and connects to the public magically, and the artists who observed this.
In the scene, it shows the adventures of the dismissed musicians of the Bolshoi playing in Paris the Tchaikovsky Concert for Violin and Orchestra as if they were the real Bolshoi orchestra..
The story is based on reality,
When  Andrei Filipov and some musicians of the Bolshoi Orchestra were dismissed for political reasons, as he was asked to dismiss the Jewish members of the orchestra and he refused..
Thirty years later Filipov, working as a genitor intercepted a fax from the famous Teatro Chatelet of Paris inviting the Bolshoi orchestra to play there. The Teatro Chatelet were not aware that the orchestra was provisionally suspended.
 Filipov had a great idea: he assembled the dismissed musicians and went with them to play the concert in Paris as if it was the real Bolshoi orchestra.
Well here’s the final piece as a reminder of that amazing performance.


Nael Marar

Nael George Marar is a cultured and well-known, popular personality around Marbella and environs,  but few are aware, that he has had a distinguished professional career as an Electrical Engineer B.Sc, and Chartered Electrical Engineer M.I.E.E. and has done electromechnica

He  contracted works in many countries. Some of the contracts were in the Atomic Reactor-Iraq, Paper Plant-Iraq, Fine Textile 3300 looms Factory-Iraq, Feritlizer Plant with Mitsubishi-Iraq, Hundreds of KM of Transmission 220KV lines – Iraq, Many Electrical Power Stations in Saudi, Partner, designer, of the Steel Fabrication Plant in Saudi about 60 000 sq meter, Generators Factories and control switchgear factories in the UK, Pumps factory in N.Y USA, hundreds of installation of cold stores all over the Middle East and had offices in London, Beirut and many other countries. 

Nael retired in 1992 and has homes in Marbella, Spain and in the UK. He is married to the delightful Angela Hopkins.  His hobbies are debating serious subjects,, bridge, Opera and the computer. 

We thank Nael for his marvellous video presentation, and we look forward to other interesting subjects he may present to us and of course you the visitors to our site.

Dario Poli 

Dario Poli

Composer, artist, and a published author and illustrator. He is initiator of the campaign to present a better image Internationally, of Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Composer of the music "Marbella Marbella" used as the anthem of the campaign and also many other recorded compositions including Nostradamus, and Corazon, for The Children for Peace Onlus charity in Rome as well as the co-author of the powerful musical drama Lady X and The Power of Destiny. He is also the editor and a founder member of this website.

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