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The Accidental Psychic By Mark Bajerski

Mark Bajerski

That feeling of waking up with the intuitive knowing that someone will call me for help is growing stronger every day. When I feel this, I’m absolutely certain that someone will walk through my door for the healing messages I deliver. I never have a clue what I’m going to say during a reading and after it’s finished, I have no idea what I just said. In fact, I find it fascinating when a few weeks down the line people tell me what I said to them. Here’s one story which a lady told me about when I helped to heal her situation.

One morning I opened my eyes and a picture flashed into my mind of a lady with long white hair, open arms and a smile.

“I need your help,” she said, directly to my heart. I answered back in the same way.

“How can I help?”

She smiled. “You will know what to do and what to say.” Then I opened my eyes and I thought that perhaps I’d been dreaming.

I got out of bed and washed my face. As I dried it the phone rang and a softly spoken lady said, “Is this Mark Bajerski?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“I saw you in a magazine and felt I needed to call you,” said the lady.

I instantly knew this was the reason for my dream and I asked her to come to my studio that morning.

A lady with long dark hair sat down with tears in her eyes. I smiled and she asked me to read her future then give her healing. She wiped her eyes with a tissue as I told her about her past. Before long I tuned into her partner and then all the information flowed through. When they first met her partner was a warm and kind man, but slowly he’d tuned into a darker side of himself. I started delving into this man’s life, then I stepped into his energy to become him, looking at what had led him to start hitting and mentally abusing this lady. I relayed information about him that she had no idea about and I saw her energy change as she started to make sense of all the terrible things that had happened to her. There is no excuse for abuse of any kind, however, if we step into the other person’s life, we can see why they behave in this way. Realising that they never intended to hurt you is a step towards your own healing, but an even bigger step is choosing not to allow this to happen again.

One hour passed and the woman who had walked though my door began to unleash her inner power and self confidence. Her light was now shining bright and I started the final part of my work. She lay down on my healing bed and I cleared the energy of her past, cutting cords and burning the negative emotions from her mind and stomach. She fell into a deep state of healing.

Her eyes slowly opened with a new strength and that’s when I knew my work was done. She got up and I noticed that her breathing had become stronger.

“Thank you Mark,” she said. “While I was sleeping I felt a sense of trust that I’d be ok. I’m now ready to face the world and I’ve made my mind up about what to do.”

“Wonderful,” I said. “I wish you well on the next part of your journey.”

I never mentioned that she should leave her partner. If those words came out of my mouth, I’d have stopped her from moving forward. She decided to move on with her life and this brought in a new energy of faith, trust, and happiness in her future; the key to her self healing.

Last week she sent me a message from Italy to say that she has started to climb her mountain and she is feeling happiness inside which she hasn’t felt since a child. She also said how she’s meeting some amazing people who show her respect she hasn’t felt for over fifteen years.

We all deserve to be respected and loved as we are all equal. If anyone mistreats you then listen to your inner self and remember who you are. You deserve to be loved each and every day. We should never hate people who attack us mentally and physically for if we do, then we cannot achieve our own inner happiness.

The lady mentioned in this article is now a wonderful friend and she asked me to share her story with you. So I dedicate this to all the beautiful souls who are suffering, because as Julie Marshall would tell you, YOU have the power to change your destiny.

Mark Bajerski

International Psychic and Healer

Mijas Pueblo


Mark Bajerski

They call him The Accidental Psychic. Mark lives and works from the heart, which is immediately evident to anyone who steps into his energy.

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