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"Living In the Sun"- Marbella Marbella Adelante By Dario Poli

Enjoy the music and the video of “Livin in the Sun” and experience the joys and lifestyle of those of us lucky enough to live in this beautiful and spectacular area. The striking mountain of La Concha providing a breathtaking backdrop for the town Marbella and environs. Wherever you are in or around the beautiful town of Marbella, this mountain is hard to miss.

From its summit, a visitor can look down on Marbella and the glamorous port of Puerto Banus and far beyond, with the blue shimmering Mediterranean Sea below, spreading her majestic presence as far as the eye can see, invitingly casting her spell upon all who dare gaze upon her. And in her embrace, lies Marbella with its abundance of flowers and orange trees, with winding intimate streets where one discovers the most exclusive shops and restaurants. Its perfect microclimate makes Marbella unique, enjoying 320 days of sunshine per year.

Music By Dario Poli

Lyrics By David Mairs
Sung By David Mairs
Arranged by Dario Poli and David Mairs
Recorded at Davlin Studios Fuengirola
Registered S.G.A.E Madrid 2007.
Video production by Martyn Wood – Smithwood productions

Dario Poli & David Mairs

Photo Courtesy of Dianne Sutton

Dario Poli, composer, artist, writer and entrepreneur, often described by his contemporaries as Renaissance Man, has once again teamed up with top professional  musician /entertainer David Mairs, and together the duo have penned and recorded another catchy song “Livin in the Sun” as part of their ongoing campaign to help promote Marbella and the Costa del Sol by using the power of music,  to cross all international borders. “Livin In the Sun” is from their latest CD album of the same title which is a CD of original musical compositions created by the duo, which are due to be released.

Dario the initiator of the campaign, wrote the music to the anthem  aptly titled “Marbella Marbella” after the  City which was the inspiration for his enthusiastic support for the area.
The song has been recorded by professional singers Alan de Ward and Samantha Mairs in English, as well as the popular Cuban Star Yanela Brooks in Spanish, with David Mairs having created the first arrangement of Dario’s music. Video By Martyn Wood

The duo have continued their creative association with their recent musical creation “Corazon” a unique  and complex production to help Charities, with Dario writing the music and David the lyrics, which was chosen by the International charity, “The Children For Peace Onlus” based In Rome, and whose President is Debbi Mace and Vice- President Lamia Kashoggi.

Recognised by UNESCO, The Children for Peace Onlus based in Rome, was founded in 2005, with the express purpose of assisting children worldwide who are in need of FUNDEMENTAL survival support – children caught up in the wars of hunger, of starvation, of illness, of armed conflict, of illiteracy and of isolation from opportunity. All donations received go directly to fund projects.
For more information on this charity, contact

Photo Courtesy of Regina Fornell

Credit must go to the experienced and talented Martyn Wood of Smithwood Productions for creating and editing the beautiful images on this video Livin in the Sun. Martyn has long been a staunch and generous supporter of the campaign to help promote the positive image of Marbella and the Costa del Sol, and with this video and it’s attractive images, he succeeds in capturing the essence and warmth of the people and the area and showing  the many benefits that living or holidaying can bring to visitors, who come to experience the way of life in Andalucia.

Media production for Internet, TV and radio – Martyn Wood 

Dario Poli

Composer, artist, and a published author and illustrator. He is initiator of the campaign to present a better image Internationally, of Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Composer of the music "Marbella Marbella" used as the anthem of the campaign and also many other recorded compositions including Nostradamus, and Corazon, for The Children for Peace Onlus charity in Rome as well as the co-author of the powerful musical drama Lady X and The Power of Destiny. He is also the editor and a founder member of this website.

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  • Yottie Dulverton

    Wonderful! Another hit for you Dario. Good catching tune! I liked the video very much too.. IF only Marbella could get off the ground again! It would be tremendous!! Well done…. keep it up!

    • Thank you Yottie for visiting the website, and for your enthusiastic comment. You are so kind and positive. We like the song also and it’s cheerful, so we hope it will help promote the many good things about Marbella and the Costa del Sol and bring more visitors to our delightful shores.

  • Dianna Collen

    I agree another hit for you Dario and the team.The video is great.The tune & lyrics are catching happy and light hearted. I enjoyed this very much I am sure it will prove to be another big success.

  • John R. White

    Hi Dario,

    Glad to see you are not permitting your talents to ossify. Liked the new work. Wish you and your team every success as your creative juices continue to flow.


  • Lars E Berntson

    Dear Dario
    Costa del Sol needs you!!
    This is a great tune with very relevant lyrics. It is positive and would leave those who listens to it in a great frame of mind and wanting to go there.
    Keep going buddy.

  • Ulla Lundström

    Käre Dario
    Tack för underbar Musik och Video.
    Kram Ulla.

    • Käre Ulla
      Tack för underbar Kommentera och stöd!
      kram Dario.

  • Sabine Schieferdecker-Bach

    Lieber Dario,
    na, da bekommt man ja sommerliche Vorgefühle,-
    das Musikvideo gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Liebe Grüsse Sabine.

  • Jo-Anne Frisa Van Tuijl

    Auguri. Mi piace molto. Un sucesso. Grazie

    • Grazie Jo-Anne, per le tue belle parole positive!
      Tanti Belle cose!

  • Elisabel

    I like the song!! To enjoy and have fun dancing with someone or with more people and party and good mood!!

    • Hi Elisabel, We’re Glad you liked the song, it’s fun, party spirit, and positive message. Check out other postings you might enjoy also.

  • I am very impressed by your video! It is perfectly fine tuned to the music, could not be better made! I wish you big success!

    • Thank you Sissi,
      David and I are delighted by your positive comment on ““Living in the Sun” as it took a lot of time and work writing and preparing this music and video. When we receive such a nice pat on the back from you; we glow!

      Best regards

  • John

    Dario, Living In The Sun as usual a great song you certainly have not lost your touch for composing great songs.

    Best Regards, John.

  • Gina Fornell

    Lieber Dario und David,
    danke fúr ein schönes Musik Video.
    Herrliche Musik und schöne Lyrik.
    Herzlichst Gina.

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