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Its been another healthy, wonderful, and creative year, for most of us, not too wealthy, but that will come, I want to take you back for a few minutes looking at some of what has happened in art, and the fantastic world we are fortunate enough to be a part of in general.

Although we can consider ourselves fortunate, many are not, 2010 brought about 200 more natural disasters throughout the world than previous years.
We should not forget Haiti, or Pakistan where the earthquakes, and floods that occurred last year cost 295.000 innocents their lives, or the forest fires and heat waves in Russia that claimed 56.000 victims.
Haiti needs our help now as much as ever, it seems that the worlds press has grown tired of the subject, but the reality is that these people are still trying to live in conditions that all of us would find intolerable to say the least, you can help, please visit  and find out how.
You can find some good art from Haiti by visiting  It all helps.

What about the good news from 2010, well for me the greatest news was that of the Chilean miners rescue, fantastic, how did you feel upon hearing that one by one these men were brought back from the grave after being trapped in what can only be described as hell?, a terrific feat in engineering, a terrific show of what can be done, and a fantastic success story.


Nearer home, and closer to our hearts was the announcement of William and Kate’s engagement, good luck to those two, I am sure its not easy being them.
Now the art world, I am told by reliable sources that things are improving, I personally have noticed a turn for the better towards the end of last year, some of my earlier sculptures have created an interest around the web, and a couple of my paintings have also caused a stir.
Show dates have been confirmed for the “Casa de cultura”in Collective Exhibition Casa Cultural, Avda Juan Gomez, “Juanito”, 12, 29640, Fuengirola, Malagá,
telephone 952 589 349.
3rd Feb- 24th Feb 2011. You can see some of mine, and other artists work at this venue. The show has been arranged by Stephen Howes fine art, you can email Stephen for more details on or visit
I am sorry that I keep adding links, but I am lazy, and its easier for me to refer you to these stories, One real big success story from the art world in 2010 was the film ” Exit through the gift shop” by Banksy, the British Graffiti star, please check out  and see just how many awards this film won, I love rags to riches stories, I take my hat off to this guy.
 in Paris is still blushing after it was robbed of several paintings from its collection, including works by Picasso and Matisse, valued around 100 million euro, Robbing  banks is off, hot wiring  cars is a non starter, but Art thieft, Wow!  its sexy, mysterious, and big big business, It seems the crooks do it to order. Vincent Van Gogh’s “Poppy flowers” was also stolen last year from the Khalil museum in Cairo, terrible security, and terrible investigators at the museum are taking an ear bashing, they should not worry, this particular painting has been stolen before and recovered, nice history for a piece of art.
I remember feeling quite proud when a sculpture of mine was stolen from a restaurant where it was lent for decoration, the thieves broke in during the night and took it, It was the only thing stolen, a bitter pill to swallow, but the spoon full of suger helped.


DSCN2975.      “Venus”      80 x 60cm, acrylic on canvas, Dec 2010
p1010615.      “Rainman”  Steel armature, with moulten silver added drip by drip, 60 cm overall, on turned teak base
cs menagerie.  “Menagerie” as featured in “Living with art” magazine, published by Gormleys fine art, Dublin, Omagh, and Belfast, 80cm high, Macael white marble, direct carved, to be shown at the Marbella casino May 2010.


All the best.

Christopher Stone, Sculptor
Mob. 0034-654-921.441

Christopher Stone


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